Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

* Whether it is a conscious act of redemption or not, Bruce grapples with what he must do in order to make things right within himself and within the city of Gotham.

* It is summer in Gotham City, and the temperature is climbing to record highs.

* Bruce Wayne is racing cars at the raceway and gets into an accident.

* Bruce celebrates his ten years of retirement and James Gordon's upcoming retirement with his friend the Police Commissioner

* People think Bruce is caught in the wreckage, but they soon discover that he narrowly escaped with only superficial burns.

* It is the 10th anniversary of the last known sighting of the Batman.

* Gordon and Bruce are seen together, privately enjoying a drink and commenting on retirement.

* Bruce comments that Batman has not survived retirement.

* A newscast reports that most high school kids think Batman is a myth.

* As...

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