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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose room did Will's bedroom once belong to?
(a) Paul.
(b) James.
(c) Stephen, the eldest.
(d) Mary.

2. What happens to the radio station when Will walks by it after getting home from his walk with James?
(a) It turns off.
(b) It screeches.
(c) It gets louder.
(d) It falls to the floor.

3. Who steps out of the shadows after Will demands his item from the Walker and calls to him?
(a) The Lady.
(b) The Rider.
(c) Merriman.
(d) Maggie Barnes.

4. What does Will find in a big cardboard container when decorating the Christmas tree?
(a) Glass ornaments.
(b) Hand-blown ornaments.
(c) The third sign.
(d) Hand-carved ornaments.

5. What does Will find odd about the iron ornament's surface?
(a) It had no shine to it, and showed signs of rust.
(b) It had no shine to it, or signs of rust.
(c) It had shine to it, and showed signs of rust.
(d) It was shiny, and no signs of rust.

6. What happens to Will's family when he arrives back home from the other time?
(a) They hug him.
(b) They are spirited away to another time.
(c) They wake up.
(d) They eat breakfast.

7. What does Mrs. Stanton call the old cardboard container?
(a) A box of ornaments.
(b) Frank Dawson's box of letters.
(c) An old box of poems.
(d) An old box of letters from Old George.

8. What does Will do to tell Mr. Dawson about Maggie being an agent of the Dark?
(a) Whispers it.
(b) Writes it on paper.
(c) Teases Max.
(d) Gives it in code.

9. Who do James and Will see for a second time when walking through the woods?
(a) A tramp.
(b) Animals.
(c) The Dawsons.
(d) Rooks.

10. Which character proclaims that the burden is "so heavy...And I've been carrying it for so long"?
(a) Merriman.
(b) The Rider.
(c) The Walker.
(d) The Lady.

11. According to Merriman, how long ago did the kings of England preserve the forests that the Dark inhabit?
(a) 1000 years ago.
(b) 200 years ago.
(c) 500 years ago.
(d) 300 years ago.

12. What is unique about Will's iron ornament over the last two days since Midwinter's Eve?
(a) It has been covered in frost.
(b) It has been cold.
(c) It has been warm for two days.
(d) It has changed colors.

13. What happens to Will's family the morning of Midwinter Day?
(a) They eat too much.
(b) They are separated by a horrible blizzard.
(c) They cannot speak.
(d) They cannot wake up.

14. What does Mr. Dawson tell Will about Maggie?
(a) That Maggie had to go to the city.
(b) That Maggie had to go to the market.
(c) That Maggie had to go to the church.
(d) That Maggie had to go home for an illness in her family.

15. As Will walks down what would have been Huntercombe Lane in his time, what doe he smell that makes his mouth water?
(a) Roasting rabbit.
(b) Baked apple pies.
(c) Stew.
(d) Freshly baked bread.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the stranger ask Will at the blacksmith's hut?

2. What does Old George thrust into Will's hand on Christmas Eve?

3. What does Will hear before his world changes to another time?

4. When James and Will return home from their walk, what does Will think is running out of his brother, James, like water?

5. What does Will notice is acting strangely toward him as he walks through the woods?

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