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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Will and his brother, James, going to get hay to feed the rabbits?
(a) Stanton Farm.
(b) Dawson's farm.
(c) Grocery Store.
(d) Rook's Woods.

2. What does Will want more than anything for his birthday?
(a) A new video game.
(b) A good book.
(c) Rain.
(d) Snow.

3. What song do Will, James, and his siblings carol for the Rector?
(a) Noel.
(b) Nowell.
(c) O' Christmas Tree.
(d) Merry Christmas.

4. Who steps out of the shadows after Will demands his item from the Walker and calls to him?
(a) Maggie Barnes.
(b) The Rider.
(c) Merriman.
(d) The Lady.

5. What does Merriman tell Will about the signs and the Dark?
(a) The signs are for them to collect on their own.
(b) The signs are parts of the Dark.
(c) The signs are part of the Light.
(d) The signs are beyond their touching.

6. What does Mrs. Stanton call the old cardboard container?
(a) A box of ornaments.
(b) An old box of poems.
(c) Frank Dawson's box of letters.
(d) An old box of letters from Old George.

7. When Will goes through the doors, who does he find waiting for him along the fireplace inside the manor?
(a) A young woman and a short man.
(b) An elderly woman and a short man.
(c) A young woman and a tall man.
(d) An elderly woman and a tall man.

8. What happens to Will's family when he arrives back home from the other time?
(a) They wake up.
(b) They hug him.
(c) They are spirited away to another time.
(d) They eat breakfast.

9. What does the fat lady say to the conductor about the weather at the beginning of The Walker on the Way?
(a) The Dark is trying to capture her.
(b) The Walker is on the way.
(c) The rooks are coming to harm him.
(d) More snow to come.

10. What emotion describes how Will is feeling when he wakes on Midwinter Day?
(a) Terror.
(b) Contentment.
(c) Sadness.
(d) Happiness.

11. How does the blacksmith stop Will from taking the stranger's food offering?
(a) By burning wood to kill the scent of tantalizing food.
(b) By placing a hot iron between Will and the stranger.
(c) By placing a hot fist into the stranger's face.
(d) By placing a hot horseshoe on the horse.

12. What does the iron ornament do to Will's fingers?
(a) Numbs them.
(b) Bruises them.
(c) Burns them.
(d) Cuts them.

13. According to the lady, what does the Rider want with Will?
(a) To capture him.
(b) To capture the white mare.
(c) To stop the Light.
(d) To capture the sign.

14. Why doesn't Will fall asleep right away when he gets into bed?
(a) A feeling of anxiousness about his birthday keeps him awake.
(b) A feeling of love and happiness keeps him awake.
(c) A feeling of fear of the dark keeps him awake.
(d) A feeling of fear keeps him awake.

15. When James and Will return home from their walk, what does Will think is running out of his brother, James, like water?
(a) The memory of their talks.
(b) The memory of their walk to the farm.
(c) The memory of the rook attack.
(d) The memory of who he is.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Mrs. Stanton, who is Tom?

2. Where do Will, James, Mr. Stanton, and Max go on Christmas Eve morning?

3. What does Will find odd about the iron ornament's surface?

4. As Will walks down what would have been Huntercombe Lane in his time, what doe he smell that makes his mouth water?

5. What does Will pin over the door on Christmas Eve?

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