The Dark Is Rising Character Descriptions

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Will Stanton

This character is the youngest of a large family; the day prior to this character's birthday, strange things begin to happen.

Merriman Lyon

This character is an Old One and is a protector and helper.

The Walker/Hawkin

This character becomes resentful and eventually betrays others. This character's name changes to atone for his betrayal.

The Black Rider/Mr. Mitothin

This character is the chief Lord of the Dark. This character is tall with red hair and rides a black horse.

The Lady

This character is one of the Old Ones who is very old and frail, and who wears a huge marble-like ring.

Old George Smith

This character works at Dawson farm. This character rescues another character on the big Pollux horse.

Frank Dawson

This character is a farmer and an Old One. This character also carved initials as Christmas tree ornaments, except for one...

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