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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Teabing live?

2. The Teacher instructs Silas to give the keystone to whom?

3. Sophie felt emotional and could not believe that her grandfather had encoded what into the cryptex?

4. Langdon remembers one friend named _____________ who knows more about the Grail than anyone?

5. Collet found little of interest, except for a photo of __________ with a list of the Priory of Sion's Grand Masters.

Short Essay Questions

1. What reason does Langdon figure out that caused Fache to frame Langdon for murder?

2. What is Fache's actual role in the book and how is it revealed in Chapters 101 through 104?

3. How is symbolism used in this section of the book (Chapters 74-78), to tie up the symbols that were used throughout previous sections of the book?

4. Do you think it would be a good idea for Sophie and Langdon to become romantically involved? Why or why not?

5. Explain the encounter between Langdon, Sophie and Teabing and the police at the airport.

6. What is the cryptex and how is it discovered?

7. Why does Langdon feel that the riddle on the inlay was written in English?

8. What does Teabing point out about the painting of The Last Supper and what questions does it raise?

9. What important twist occurs in Chapter 87 and how does the author use it to build suspense?

10. Explain why you do or do not feel bad for Silas.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Which one of the following characters do you feel was most important to the story? Use examples from the book to support your answer.

1. Langdon

2. Sophie

3. Silas

Essay Topic 2

Although the book doesn't detail Robert Langdon's history, certain assumptions can be made about him. He is clearly more of an analytical thinker than a believer in divine influence.

1. Are you an analytical thinker like Robert Langdon? Why or why not?

2. List five reasons that someone might believe in divine influence and five reasons that they might not.

Essay Topic 3

Use examples from specific parts of the book to back up your answers to both of the following questions:

Part 1: Discuss Sophie's relationship with her grandfather and how it influenced her choice of work.

Part 2: What other line of work could you picture Sophie in and why?

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