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Short Answer Questions

1. The body was laid out in a replica of Leonardo Da Vinci's most famous sketch, called what?

2. He spots what he is looking for, a strip of brass embedded in the church floor. What is it called?

3. What is written in invisible ink on the key?

4. Sophie tells Langdon that Jacques was whose grandfather?

5. While Sophie and Langdon race through the streets of Paris, Sophie hands ____________ over to Langdon for him to inspect?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Silas' motivations, based on his actions in the first couple of chapters?

2. How do Sophie and Langdon finally find what they are looking for at the bank?

3. What role does Vernet play, in Chapters 42-45 and is it believable?

4. What is the Priory of Sion, according to Langdon, and how does it play a role in the story?

5. If you were the albino attacker, would you have shot Jacques as quickly? Why or why not?

6. Do you agree with Sophie's actions regarding helping Langdon so far? How would you feel after not speaking to Jacques for several years and then finding out that he died?

7. What does Langdon seem to be trusting Sophie more and do you agree with his decision to do so?

8. What roles do suspense and secrets play in Chapters 22 to 24?

9. How is Jacques' museum message resolved in Chapters 29-31?

10. What is Opus Dei and what role does it play in the story so far?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Symbolism is a major theme of the Da Vinci Code, especially with regard to religion. Choose any three symbols from the book and explain what we are told that they stand for in the book. Also, explain whether or not you agree with the explanation of each. Use examples from the book and, if necessary, real life, to back up your answers.

Essay Topic 2

One of the things that Dan Brown implies in the book is that religious beliefs are always flawed or, at least, incomplete in some way. Do you agree with that opinion? Use examples from both the book and real life to explain why or why not.

Essay Topic 3

Both the relationship between Aringarosa and Silas and the one between Jacques and Sophie were destructive. Compare and contrast the two situations. In what ways were they similar? In what ways were they different? Also, do you feel that Sophie's relationship with Jacques was resolved at all at the end of the book, even though the two could never speak and resolve their differences? Why or why not?

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