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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sophie and Langdon head to the tube station to take the subway to where?
(a) King's Concourse
(b) King's Common
(c) King's Cross
(d) King's College

2. The vial of ___________ within the keystone shatters and the liquid leaks out.
(a) vinegar
(b) green dye
(c) red dye
(d) alcohol

3. When he realizes that he must go to London, Aringarosa bribes the pilot with what?
(a) a gold necklace
(b) money
(c) a diamond ring
(d) a silver watch

4. Aringarosa recalls being told that ____________ was withdrawing their support of Opus Dei.
(a) the Vatican
(b) the museum
(c) the police department
(d) the hospital

5. Pagan traditions of what were mixed with Christian traditions, according to Teabing?
(a) sun worship
(b) sea worship
(c) moon worship
(d) fire worship

Short Answer Questions

1. Bishop Aringarosa leaves the Castel Gandolfo with a heavy briefcase containing ________ equaling twenty million euros.

2. While Fache is waiting for the safe to be drilled open, he receives a call from whom?

3. Collet receives a phone call from Andre Vernet looking for whom?

4. Which of the following is one of the people the surveillance equipment in the barn is set up to listen to?

5. Teabing thinks the knight is one of those killed in what year?

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