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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sophie and Langdon head to the tube station to take the subway to where?
(a) King's Concourse
(b) King's College
(c) King's Cross
(d) King's Common

2. Pagan traditions of what were mixed with Christian traditions, according to Teabing?
(a) sun worship
(b) fire worship
(c) sea worship
(d) moon worship

3. While standing in Teabing's empty chateau, who receives a call that the president of the Depository Bank is changing his story?
(a) Aringarosa
(b) Fache
(c) Collet
(d) Vernet

4. What is the name of the thing that Langdon says is a map to the Holy Grail?
(a) sandstone
(b) cryptex
(c) rosestone
(d) keystone

5. Sophie and Langdon arrive at ____________ in search of Newton's tomb.
(a) a small cemetery in the country
(b) the Royal Palace
(c) the Tower of London
(d) Westminster Abbey

Short Answer Questions

1. Teabing confirms that Da Vinci hid clues about what in his artwork?

2. Sophie recounts her story discovering her grandfather was involved in what?

3. When Remy joins Silas in the driver's seat of the limo, he puts up a partition. Not long after, Silas's cell phone rings with a call from whom?

4. Sophie kicks Silas in what part of his body?

5. While Fache oversees the destruction of the safe in Teabing's plane, he receives a phone call from whom?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the point of view change in Chapter 83, and what new insights does it give?

2. Explain why you do or do not feel bad for Silas.

3. Do you agree with Langdon's decision to go to Teabing's, in Chapters 50 through 54? Why or why not?

4. How is symbolism used in this section of the book (Chapters 74-78), to tie up the symbols that were used throughout previous sections of the book?

5. How does Remy influence the story in Chapters 92 through 95, and what questions does his role in this section raise?

6. What interesting religious opinions does Teabing reveal to Sophie in this section?

7. How and why has Vernet's attitude changed and what does it mean for Langdon and Sophie in this section?

8. How does the relationship between Langdon and Sophie change, in Chapters 79 through 84, and what events are foreshadowed that may cause them to have conflicting views?

9. What does Langdon think is significant about the cryptex?

10. Explain the encounter between Langdon, Sophie and Teabing and the police at the airport.

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