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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the text of the unfamiliar script on the inlay coded?
(a) it is a series of letters meant to represent other letters.
(b) It is written backwards
(c) It is a series of numbers meant to represent letters.
(d) It is a series of letters meant to represent numbers.

2. Teabing insists that he is leaving in his limousine with whom?
(a) Remy
(b) Sophie
(c) Silas
(d) Langdon

3. Back in the barn at Chateau Villette, Collet and his men discover that the surveillance equipment is set up to listen in on how many people?
(a) 9
(b) 3
(c) 7
(d) 5

4. While Fache oversees the destruction of the safe in Teabing's plane, he receives a phone call from whom?
(a) Langdon
(b) Collet
(c) Vernet
(d) Teabing

5. Teabing tells Sophie that Mary was pregnant at the crucifixion and then shuttled off to what is now __________ to have her baby.
(a) Scotland
(b) Italy
(c) France
(d) Spain

6. While Sophie and Langdon try to find a docent to point them toward the tomb, who has already found it?
(a) the Teacher
(b) Vernet
(c) Silas
(d) Collet

7. What awakens Silas when the police arrive?
(a) a knock on the door
(b) Silas' instincts
(c) a police siren
(d) a phone call

8. Remy drops Silas off on a quiet street near what building?
(a) police station
(b) library
(c) museum
(d) Opus Dei building

9. Just before landing, the pilot tells them that the air traffic control tower has requested they park at the terminal and not Teabing's private hanger, due to what?
(a) a medical emergency
(b) a water line break
(c) a gas leak
(d) a fire in the hanger

10. What is the ancient symbol for a woman called?
(a) chassis
(b) candice
(c) charise
(d) chalice

11. Which of the following is not one of the symbols Teabing tells Sophie was created to represent Mary?
(a) Rose
(b) butterfly
(c) Holy Grail
(d) chalice

12. Langdon tosses the keystone in the air, and, instinctively, Teabing drops the gun and ____________ and dives for the keystone.
(a) a bomb
(b) jewels
(c) Sophie's arm
(d) his crutch

13. What is the name of the device inside the box that Langdon and Sophie open after escaping from the bank?
(a) grail
(b) sandstone
(c) cryptex
(d) rosestone

14. Silas is ordered to report only to whom?
(a) the Teacher
(b) the Opus Dei board of directors
(c) Interpol
(d) Aringarosa

15. Where does Teabing live?
(a) London
(b) Versailles
(c) Brussels
(d) Paris

Short Answer Questions

1. When Sophie calls the police, with whom does she speak?

2. Which of the following is one of the people the surveillance equipment in the barn is set up to listen to?

3. The Teacher instructs Silas to give the keystone to whom?

4. Vernet tells Langdon and Sophie that he has a duty to protect what?

5. Fache arrives at ________ airport where Teabing's plane had landed earlier.

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