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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Langdon, Sophie and Teabing now try to brainstorm code words containing how many letters that could fit the riddle in the text?
(a) 10
(b) 20
(c) 15
(d) 5

2. The name Langdon, Sophie and Teabing come up with has too many letters, so they decide to apply the ancient ________________ to the word.
(a) Abransh Cipher
(b) Ablash Cipher
(c) Arbush Cipher
(d) Atbash Cipher

3. What is the ancient symbol for a woman called?
(a) chassis
(b) charise
(c) candice
(d) chalice

4. Remy drops Silas off on a quiet street near what building?
(a) police station
(b) library
(c) Opus Dei building
(d) museum

5. What is the name of the thing that Langdon says is a map to the Holy Grail?
(a) cryptex
(b) keystone
(c) rosestone
(d) sandstone

6. Sophie, Langdon and Teabing have to fabricate a story in order for whom to let them in at 7:30 in the morning?
(a) the altar boy
(b) the monk
(c) the nun
(d) the bishop

7. The vial of ___________ within the keystone shatters and the liquid leaks out.
(a) alcohol
(b) green dye
(c) vinegar
(d) red dye

8. When Silas attacks, which person does he knock to the floor?
(a) the butler
(b) Teabing
(c) Langdon
(d) Sophie

9. Teabing tells Sophie that Mary was pregnant at the crucifixion and then shuttled off to what is now __________ to have her baby.
(a) Scotland
(b) Spain
(c) France
(d) Italy

10. Langdon tosses the keystone in the air, and, instinctively, Teabing drops the gun and ____________ and dives for the keystone.
(a) jewels
(b) his crutch
(c) Sophie's arm
(d) a bomb

11. Silas is ordered to report only to whom?
(a) Interpol
(b) the Teacher
(c) Aringarosa
(d) the Opus Dei board of directors

12. What item does Remy retrieve from the bar?
(a) bottle
(b) glass
(c) champagne
(d) wine opener

13. What do Langdon and Sophie have to mention in order for the librarian to let them in?
(a) the cryptex
(b) Fache's name
(c) Teabing's name
(d) the keystone

14. What is the name of the device inside the box that Langdon and Sophie open after escaping from the bank?
(a) rosestone
(b) cryptex
(c) grail
(d) sandstone

15. How does Remy die?
(a) drowning
(b) poisoning
(c) gun shot
(d) strangulation

Short Answer Questions

1. Collet receives a phone call from Andre Vernet looking for whom?

2. Teabing confirms that Da Vinci hid clues about what in his artwork?

3. Teabing's theory is that the knight in the next clue was one of what group?

4. Langdon remembers one friend named _____________ who knows more about the Grail than anyone?

5. Sophie is secretly hopeful that the whole adventure will lead to answers about what?

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