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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What item does Remy retrieve from the bar?
(a) champagne
(b) bottle
(c) glass
(d) wine opener

2. The plane is empty when the inspector boards it except for whom?
(a) the pilot
(b) Langdon
(c) Silas
(d) Sophie

3. How does Remy die?
(a) strangulation
(b) gun shot
(c) poisoning
(d) drowning

4. Aringarosa asks Fache if he will take the Vatican bonds and distribute them to the families of those Silas had murdered where?
(a) Paris
(b) Brussels
(c) London
(d) Rome

5. Collet receives a phone call from Andre Vernet looking for whom?
(a) Silas
(b) Aringarosa
(c) Teabing
(d) Fache

6. The name Langdon, Sophie and Teabing come up with has too many letters, so they decide to apply the ancient ________________ to the word.
(a) Atbash Cipher
(b) Ablash Cipher
(c) Abransh Cipher
(d) Arbush Cipher

7. Remy pours what beverage for himself and Silas?
(a) vodka
(b) rum
(c) tea
(d) coffee

8. Teabing shows Sophie passages from the _____________ that talked about Magdalene as Christ's spouse.
(a) Bible
(b) Dead Sea Scrolls
(c) Encyclopedia
(d) Red Sea Scrolls

9. What the three inside the house do not know is that outside, __________ is in the bushes, waiting for the chance to enter the house and retrieve the keystone.
(a) Aringarosa
(b) Fache
(c) Silas
(d) Vernet

10. While standing in Teabing's empty chateau, who receives a call that the president of the Depository Bank is changing his story?
(a) Vernet
(b) Fache
(c) Collet
(d) Aringarosa

11. Bishop Aringarosa leaves the Castel Gandolfo with a heavy briefcase containing ________ equaling twenty million euros.
(a) money
(b) gold bars
(c) bonds
(d) silver bars

12. Where does Teabing live?
(a) Paris
(b) London
(c) Brussels
(d) Versailles

13. While Sophie and Langdon try to find a docent to point them toward the tomb, who has already found it?
(a) Silas
(b) Vernet
(c) the Teacher
(d) Collet

14. What is the name of the device inside the box that Langdon and Sophie open after escaping from the bank?
(a) grail
(b) sandstone
(c) rosestone
(d) cryptex

15. Sophie and Langdon find an interesting book about who in the library?
(a) Sir Isaac Newton
(b) Da Vinci
(c) Sir Lancelot
(d) Sir Galahad

Short Answer Questions

1. Collet's man found a ladder leading up to a loft that housed _____________ in the barn.

2. Langdon, Sophie, and Teabing resume their examination of what object and Langdon removes the inlay from it?

3. The armored truck stops and the cargo doors open with _________ holding a pistol aimed at Sophie and Langdon?

4. Back in the barn at Chateau Villette, Collet and his men discover that the surveillance equipment is set up to listen in on how many people?

5. Teabing's theory is that the knight in the next clue was one of what group?

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