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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Teabing thinks the knight is one of those killed in what year?
(a) 1403
(b) 1703
(c) 1304
(d) 1307

2. Remy drops Silas off on a quiet street near what building?
(a) library
(b) police station
(c) museum
(d) Opus Dei building

3. While standing in Teabing's empty chateau, who receives a call that the president of the Depository Bank is changing his story?
(a) Collet
(b) Aringarosa
(c) Fache
(d) Vernet

4. While Sophie and Langdon try to find a docent to point them toward the tomb, who has already found it?
(a) Silas
(b) the Teacher
(c) Vernet
(d) Collet

5. Langdon says that, throughout history, two groups pursue what object?
(a) the Holy Grail
(b) the Mona Lisa
(c) the keystone
(d) the Da Vinci Code

6. Which of the following is not one of the symbols Teabing tells Sophie was created to represent Mary?
(a) butterfly
(b) Holy Grail
(c) Rose
(d) chalice

7. Collet receives a phone call from Andre Vernet looking for whom?
(a) Silas
(b) Fache
(c) Aringarosa
(d) Teabing

8. Silas is ordered to report only to whom?
(a) the Teacher
(b) Aringarosa
(c) Interpol
(d) the Opus Dei board of directors

9. Who grabs Silas' shoulder and gets shot as a result?
(a) Remy
(b) an unidentified police officer
(c) Aringarosa
(d) a nun

10. Mary is believed to have been buried along with numerous documents called ____________ that prove her standing.
(a) Sungriel
(b) Sangreal
(c) Songriel
(d) Singreal

11. Teabing happens to know of the Temple Church in London which houses how many knights' tombs?
(a) 12
(b) 14
(c) 10
(d) 16

12. Vernet tells Langdon and Sophie that he has a duty to protect what?
(a) the bank's assets
(b) innocent citizens
(c) his own assets
(d) Jacques' assets

13. How is the text of the unfamiliar script on the inlay coded?
(a) It is a series of letters meant to represent numbers.
(b) it is a series of letters meant to represent other letters.
(c) It is written backwards
(d) It is a series of numbers meant to represent letters.

14. Bishop Aringarosa leaves the Castel Gandolfo with a heavy briefcase containing ________ equaling twenty million euros.
(a) money
(b) bonds
(c) gold bars
(d) silver bars

15. What causes Silas to double over in pain, during the confrontation?
(a) Silas is hit with a vase.
(b) Silas trips and breaks his ankle.
(c) Silas is hit with Teabing's crutch.
(d) Silas is shot.

Short Answer Questions

1. Teabing returns to demand an explanation from Langdon as to why the news is saying that ______________________.

2. Sophie, Langdon and Teabing have to fabricate a story in order for whom to let them in at 7:30 in the morning?

3. Aringarosa asks Fache if he will take the Vatican bonds and distribute them to the families of those Silas had murdered where?

4. Sophie kicks Silas in what part of his body?

5. Fache arrives at ________ airport where Teabing's plane had landed earlier.

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