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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is watching Silas from above, as he is in the church?
(a) Fache
(b) Langdon
(c) Sister Sandrine
(d) Aringarosa

2. Sister Sandrine is on the phone leaving a message at one of the phone numbers on the list conveying what message?
(a) They're all dead.
(b) He is here.
(c) It has been discovered.
(d) We must meet.

3. What sort of vehicle do Langdon and Sophie use to escape from the bank?
(a) another customer's motorcycle
(b) Vernet's personal car
(c) an armored truck
(d) a taxi cab

4. What is the last name of Jacques who dies in the beginning of the book?
(a) Sanderniere
(b) Sanderson
(c) Sangreen
(d) Sauniere

5. Back at the Church Saint-Sulpice Silas smashes a floor tile with what?
(a) a candle holder
(b) his gun
(c) a piece of a church pew
(d) his fist

6. The sister does not know who she is calling, just that she has been given the instructions to call by whom?
(a) a faceless man
(b) a faceless woman
(c) a small child
(d) an anonymous note

7. Bishop Aringarosa's first name is what?
(a) Michael
(b) Silas
(c) Manuel
(d) Samuel

8. The Priory was said to have been founded by a French king for the purpose of what?
(a) protecting his own life
(b) helping people hide when needed
(c) preserving a secret
(d) stealing valuables from others

9. While Langdon and Sophie are conversing in the restroom, Fache is watching Langdon's every move from where?
(a) the curator's office
(b) the basement of the museum
(c) the coffee shop next door
(d) the police department

10. What is the name of Fache's assistant?
(a) Coronet
(b) Collet
(c) Coset
(d) Corbet

11. Robert Langdon is awakened while sleeping where?
(a) at home
(b) at a friend's house
(c) in the museum basement
(d) in a hotel

12. What item does Silas take out of his dresser at the brownstone?
(a) gun
(b) notebook
(c) key
(d) cell phone

13. Langdon believes Da Vinci's work contains a message of androgyny by making Mona Lisa an anagram for the female and male Egyptian gods of fertility--Lisa and ________.
(a) Amno
(b) Anom
(c) Noma
(d) Amon

14. At the museum, Robert is met by Captain ________.
(a) Foster
(b) Finche
(c) Fache
(d) Forrest

15. Langdon found it interesting that the curator spoke __________, yet wrote his dying messages in English.
(a) Spanish
(b) Italian
(c) German
(d) French

Short Answer Questions

1. Sophie tells Langdon that Jacques was whose grandfather?

2. Sophie drives them where and parks out front?

3. How does Sister Sandrine die?

4. What happened to Silas' mother?

5. Aringarosa is shuttled to Castel _____________.

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