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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the museum alarm set off?
(a) A security guard hits a switch.
(b) A window is broken.
(c) An invisible laser trap is triggered.
(d) A painting is pulled off the wall.

2. What is the name of Fache's assistant?
(a) Coset
(b) Collet
(c) Corbet
(d) Coronet

3. What is written in invisible ink on the key?
(a) a coded message
(b) a telephone number
(c) an address
(d) Langdon's name

4. Who is curator of the museum?
(a) Sophie
(b) Jacques
(c) Alfie
(d) Robert

5. Who is horrified when Sophie tells him her grandfather is Jacques Sauniere?
(a) Collet
(b) Vernet
(c) Fache
(d) Aringarosa

6. Sophie tells Langdon that her grandfather had taught her about what?
(a) the Divine Proportion
(b) the Diligent Design
(c) The Devine Design
(d) The Design Proportion

7. Langdon believes Da Vinci's work contains a message of androgyny by making Mona Lisa an anagram for the female and male Egyptian gods of fertility--Lisa and ________.
(a) Anom
(b) Noma
(c) Amon
(d) Amno

8. Sophie gives Langdon a slip of paper with a phone number and what on it?
(a) name
(b) picture
(c) code
(d) address

9. Sophie and Langdon notice that the key looks recently cleaned and smells of what?
(a) lilacs
(b) rubbing alcohol
(c) roses
(d) paint

10. How many men await Bishop Aringarosa in the conference room?
(a) 26
(b) 3
(c) 13
(d) 6

11. While Sophie and Langdon race through the streets of Paris, Sophie hands ____________ over to Langdon for him to inspect?
(a) a key
(b) a figurine
(c) a painting
(d) a note

12. Silas feels lustful when he sees what?
(a) scantily clad women leaving a nightclub
(b) a group of prostitutes
(c) a lost child in the street
(d) a painting of a nude woman

13. The body was laid out in a replica of Leonardo Da Vinci's most famous sketch, called what?
(a) The Virnaculan Man
(b) The Virtuous Man
(c) The Vitruvian Man
(d) The Villitant Man

14. "So Dark the Con of Man" is the message written on what?
(a) the wall of the museum
(b) the floor of the museum
(c) the paper hidden behind the Mona Lisa
(d) the glass encasing the Mona Lisa

15. The item, Silas has heard, is in what city?
(a) Dublin
(b) Berlin
(c) Paris
(d) London

Short Answer Questions

1. Langdon thinks about history and the movement to remove all female presence from what?

2. While Langdon and Sophie are conversing in the restroom, Fache is watching Langdon's every move from where?

3. At the museum, Robert is met by Captain ________.

4. Sophie and Langdon are at the train station, and Sophie asks Langdon to use his credit card to buy two tickets on the first train doing what?

5. Langdon shared that the pentacle specifically represents _________, the goddess of sexual love?

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