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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Aringarosa is shuttled to Castel _____________.
(a) Grandelfo
(b) Grailofo
(c) Gandolfo
(d) Gandrino

2. Which person has Fache bugged?
(a) Langdon
(b) Jacques
(c) Silas
(d) Sophie

3. Part of the message the curator left before he died read what?
(a) O, Devil Draconis!
(b) O, Draculian Devil!
(c) O, Draconian Devil!
(d) Dracovian Devil O!

4. A driver in a black Fiat sedan picks up ___________ at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport?
(a) Collet
(b) Sophie and Langdon
(c) Aringarosa
(d) Fache

5. Sophie and Langdon move quickly toward what at the museum?
(a) the curator's office
(b) the emergency exit
(c) the exit
(d) the front door

6. What happened to Silas' mother?
(a) She was killed by his father.
(b) She died giving birth to Silas.
(c) She abandoned Silas
(d) She died of natural causes.

7. Langdon believes Da Vinci's work contains a message of androgyny by making Mona Lisa an anagram for the female and male Egyptian gods of fertility--Lisa and ________.
(a) Noma
(b) Anom
(c) Amon
(d) Amno

8. Langdon found it interesting that the curator spoke __________, yet wrote his dying messages in English.
(a) Italian
(b) French
(c) German
(d) Spanish

9. Who does Silas follow deep into the church?
(a) Father Ferdinand
(b) Sister Sandrine
(c) the handyman
(d) Brother Benjamin

10. At the museum, Robert is met by Captain ________.
(a) Foster
(b) Fache
(c) Forrest
(d) Finche

11. Sophie and Langdon are at the train station, and Sophie asks Langdon to use his credit card to buy two tickets on the first train doing what?
(a) going to Brussels
(b) leaving in the morning
(c) departing Paris
(d) going to London

12. Sister Sandrine is on the phone leaving a message at one of the phone numbers on the list conveying what message?
(a) It has been discovered.
(b) He is here.
(c) They're all dead.
(d) We must meet.

13. How is the museum alarm set off?
(a) An invisible laser trap is triggered.
(b) A security guard hits a switch.
(c) A window is broken.
(d) A painting is pulled off the wall.

14. Aringarosa was summoned where five months earlier tfor a secret meeting?
(a) the Vatican's kitchen
(b) the Vatican's basement
(c) the Vatican's Astronomy Library
(d) the Vatican's secret center of operations

15. The item, Silas has heard, is in what city?
(a) Dublin
(b) Paris
(c) London
(d) Berlin

Short Answer Questions

1. Back at the Church Saint-Sulpice Silas smashes a floor tile with what?

2. Although Sophie thinks the Holy Grail is a cup, Langdon says that the Grail is what?

3. The last line of Jacques' note says to find what?

4. What is the person Silas works for referred to as?

5. Bishop Aringarosa is traveling to what city, as he leaves Opus Dei headquarters?

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