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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The phone number that Sophie gives to Langdon is for whose personal answering machine?
(a) Sophie
(b) Jacques
(c) Langdon
(d) Fache

2. What is Sophie Neveu's profession?
(a) security guard
(b) stenographer
(c) photographer
(d) cryptographer

3. The item, Silas has heard, is in what city?
(a) Dublin
(b) Berlin
(c) London
(d) Paris

4. What is the last name of Jacques who dies in the beginning of the book?
(a) Sanderson
(b) Sanderniere
(c) Sangreen
(d) Sauniere

5. Who is curator of the museum?
(a) Sophie
(b) Alfie
(c) Jacques
(d) Robert

6. What part of the museum has become the command center for the investigation?
(a) security office
(b) curator's office
(c) east wing
(d) west wing

7. Sophie and Langdon are at the train station, and Sophie asks Langdon to use his credit card to buy two tickets on the first train doing what?
(a) going to London
(b) going to Brussels
(c) leaving in the morning
(d) departing Paris

8. Although Sophie thinks the Holy Grail is a cup, Langdon says that the Grail is what?
(a) a set of documents
(b) a painting
(c) a burial place
(d) a crown

9. Sophie is using her black light looking for more clues. She looks behind a large Da Vinci painting called what?
(a) Madonna of the Rocks
(b) Madonna of Dreams
(c) Madonna of the Fields
(d) Madonna by the Sea

10. Silas approaches what in the church?
(a) obelisk
(b) dais
(c) pew
(d) organ

11. Langdon and Sophie have to figure out the ten digit account number to do what?
(a) unlock an emergency exit
(b) access a safety deposit box
(c) open a vault
(d) enter a secret elevator

12. What sort of vehicle do Langdon and Sophie use to escape from the bank?
(a) an armored truck
(b) a taxi cab
(c) another customer's motorcycle
(d) Vernet's personal car

13. Aringarosa was summoned where five months earlier tfor a secret meeting?
(a) the Vatican's Astronomy Library
(b) the Vatican's secret center of operations
(c) the Vatican's kitchen
(d) the Vatican's basement

14. Silas reveals a compartment and reaches in to find what with a Bible verse referenced?
(a) a stone tablet
(b) a sheet of paper
(c) a book
(d) a computer disk

15. What is the person Silas works for referred to as?
(a) Educator
(b) Professor
(c) Teacher
(d) Master

Short Answer Questions

1. He spots what he is looking for, a strip of brass embedded in the church floor. What is it called?

2. The sister does not know who she is calling, just that she has been given the instructions to call by whom?

3. Knowing that he has put _________ at risk, Silas prays for forgiveness and begins his ritual of Discipline.

4. While Sophie and Langdon race through the streets of Paris, Sophie hands ____________ over to Langdon for him to inspect?

5. Robert Langdon is awakened while sleeping where?

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