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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Aringarosa is shuttled to Castel _____________.
(a) Grailofo
(b) Gandrino
(c) Gandolfo
(d) Grandelfo

2. The Priory was said to have been founded by a French king for the purpose of what?
(a) stealing valuables from others
(b) preserving a secret
(c) protecting his own life
(d) helping people hide when needed

3. Robert Langdon is awakened while sleeping where?
(a) in the museum basement
(b) at a friend's house
(c) at home
(d) in a hotel

4. The Bishop is curt with the group when they hand over a large briefcase containing what?
(a) bonds
(b) cash
(c) secret documents
(d) stolen artwork

5. How does Fache think Langdon escaped from the museum?
(a) by jumping from the rooftop to the roof of an adjoining building
(b) by going out the bathroom window
(c) by dressing as a guard and walking out the front door
(d) by using a secret tunnel in the basement

6. Who does Silas follow deep into the church?
(a) Brother Benjamin
(b) the handyman
(c) Father Ferdinand
(d) Sister Sandrine

7. Silas reveals a compartment and reaches in to find what with a Bible verse referenced?
(a) a sheet of paper
(b) a computer disk
(c) a stone tablet
(d) a book

8. Langdon believes Da Vinci's work contains a message of androgyny by making Mona Lisa an anagram for the female and male Egyptian gods of fertility--Lisa and ________.
(a) Noma
(b) Amno
(c) Amon
(d) Anom

9. Back at the Church Saint-Sulpice Silas smashes a floor tile with what?
(a) a candle holder
(b) his gun
(c) a piece of a church pew
(d) his fist

10. Knowing that he has put _________ at risk, Silas prays for forgiveness and begins his ritual of Discipline.
(a) the Bishop
(b) the Sister
(c) Jacques
(d) Langdon

11. Silas left home when he was how old?
(a) 7
(b) 22
(c) 10
(d) 17

12. When Sophie and Langdon approach the address written on the key, they find themselves at what sort of building?
(a) a private home
(b) a museum
(c) a bank
(d) a church

13. According to Langdon, some claim that there are hidden messages, double entendres, and allusions within what?
(a) the Mona Lisa
(b) the Last Supper
(c) the pattern of the museum floor tiles
(d) the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel

14. Silas sits in his room, thinking that ______________ would most likely complicate things for him?
(a) killing the nun
(b) losing the keystone
(c) destroying part of the church
(d) failing to report to the Teacher

15. Langdon begins to tell Sophie what he knows about the Priory of Sion, which, he says, had been founded where?
(a) in Jerusalem
(b) in Paris
(c) London
(d) in Rome

Short Answer Questions

1. While Sophie and Langdon race through the streets of Paris, Sophie hands ____________ over to Langdon for him to inspect?

2. Langdon shared that the pentacle specifically represents _________, the goddess of sexual love?

3. How old was Sophie when her family died?

4. What is the last name of Jacques who dies in the beginning of the book?

5. Where is the Museum located?

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