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Louvre Museum

This is where Jacques Sauniere is murdered and the story begins.

The Keystone

This is an encrypted cylinder that contains clues on where to find the Holy Grail.

The Depository Bank of Zurich

This is where Jacques Sauniere and the Priory of Sion had hidden the keystone.

Chateau Villette

After leaving the Depository Bank of Zurich, with the French authorities hot on their heels, Langdon and Neveu flee to this place, Sir Leigh Teabing's home.

The Temple Church

Once in London, Langdon, Neveu, and Teabing go to this place to look for clues to solve the riddle that opens the keystone.

Westminster Abbey

The final clue to open the keystone takes Langdon and Neveu to this place, in London, which houses the tomb of Sir Isaac Newton. This place is also the location of the final showdown between Langdon, Neveu, and the Teacher.

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