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Lesson 1 (from Prologue, Chapters 1, 2)


The prologue, along with chapters 1 and 2 of the book, are used to set up the story. They are full of suspense. The technique of creating suspense is one that is used often in the media as a whole.

The objective of this lesson is to explore how the author uses suspense as a technique for capturing the attention of the reader, as well as to examine how suspense is used, in general, in books, TV shows, movies and other forms of media.


Class Discussion 1:

The author leaves several suspenseful questions unanswered at the beginning of the book. How do the students feel about the author's technique? Is it too suspenseful, not suspenseful enough or just right? Why do the students feel that way?

Class activity:

Divide the class into groups. Assign one sort of media, such as newspaper, magazine, book, movie or TV program, to...

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