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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Amelia and Emerson decide to leave their son for the winter?
(a) At a hotel.
(b) With his grandparents.
(c) At boarding school.
(d) With cousins.

2. What is Amelia convinced Emerson feels in encounters like ones with the imam?
(a) Frustration.
(b) Curiosity.
(c) Boredom.
(d) Enjoyment.

3. Where do the Emersons stay in Cairo?
(a) The Ibis Hotel.
(b) The Sheppards Hotel.
(c) The Royale Hotel.
(d) The Hotel Alexandria.

4. How does Madame Berengeria travel to the dig site?
(a) In a carriage.
(b) On horseback.
(c) By palanquin.
(d) On camelback.

5. What is a nuisance to Amelia at the dig site?
(a) Sifting for beads.
(b) The crowd of tourists.
(c) Drawing pottery fragments.
(d) The dust in her eyes.

6. Where is Vandergelt from?
(a) Texas.
(b) New York.
(c) California.
(d) Illinois.

7. What is heard outside Baskerville House in Chapter 5?
(a) A howl.
(b) A horse's whinny.
(c) An explosion.
(d) A ringing bell.

8. At what time does Amelia arrange to meet Milverton?
(a) Midnight.
(b) One o'clock.
(c) Ten o'clock.
(d) Eight o'clock.

9. What is the name of Amelia's son?
(a) Bartholomew.
(b) Ramses.
(c) Moses.
(d) Radcliffe Jr.

10. Who is found murdered in Chapter 6?
(a) Hakim.
(b) Hassan.
(c) Abdullah.
(d) Armadale.

11. What is Vandergelt's first name?
(a) Karl.
(b) Arthur.
(c) Cyrus.
(d) John.

12. Who does Vandergelt report was robbed in Chapter 7?
(a) O'Connell.
(b) Lady Baskerville.
(c) Madame Berengeria.
(d) The owner of the Luxor Hotel.

13. Where do the Emersons and their workers head in Chapter 6?
(a) Giza.
(b) The Nile River.
(c) The Sinai Peninsula.
(d) The Valley of the Kings.

14. Who do Emerson and Amelia want to witness their hard work at the tomb?
(a) The tourists.
(b) The government officials.
(c) Lady Baskerville.
(d) The villagers.

15. What does Milverton suppose Hassan saw?
(a) A tomb raider.
(b) A dog.
(c) Armadale.
(d) Lady Baskerville.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to ask Amelia for help with his relationship with Mary?

2. What does Madame Berengeria protest about the dinner table in Chapter 5?

3. Who does Karl suggest be brought in to help with the dig drawings?

4. What is the name of Madame Berengeria's daughter?

5. What does Amelia have in hand as she walks to the excavation site?

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