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Essay Topic 1

Analyze and interpret the protagonist of the novel, Amelia Peabody. What are her defining characteristics? What are her interests and hobbies? How does she differ from the typical Victorian-era woman?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Peters' use of contrast. What are some contrasting settings, characters, and images? What is Peters trying to convey through these contrasts?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the protagonist's back story. What is learned about Amelia in the previous book in the series? Why might it be important to know when reading this novel? Is it absolutely necessary to be aware of these events or aspects of her life? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 4

Discuss Amelia's and Emerson's interest in archaeology. Why are they interested in archaeology, particularly Egyptology? How does this interest connect with their personal history? Why is Amelia able to work at the excavation site without causing a scandal?

Essay Topic 5


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