The Curse of the Pharaohs Character Descriptions

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Amelia Peabody Emerson

This character is the narrator of the story.

Radcliffe Emerson

This character is a professor and an archaeologist.

Ramses Emerson

This character is five-years-old.

Lady Baskerville

This character is a murderer.

Cyrus Vandergelt

This character is a rich American.

Kevin O'Connell

This character is a newspaper reporter.

Milverton/Arthur Baskerville

This character is a photographer.


This character is the team leader for the men who work at the excavation site.

Alan Armadale

This character's body is found in a cave.

Madame Berengeria

This character wears a long black wig styled like Cleopatra.

Mary Berengeria

This character is an artist.

Lord Baskerville

This character is initially thought to have suffered a heart attack.

Karl Von Bork

This character specializes in the ancient Egyptian languages.

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