The Curse of the Pharaohs Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1-2

• Amelia Peabody hosts guests for tea at her home in Kent, England.

• Amelia hopes to convince her neighbors to allow her husband to do an archaeological dig on their property.

• Amelia and Emerson's travels to Egypt have been curtailed by the birth of their son, Ramses.

• Ramses alarms his mother's guests by bringing mud and bones into the room - the guests leave.

• Amelia reads of the death of Lord Henry Baskerville - a famous Egyptologist - in the Valley of the Kings.

• The story about Baskerville makes Emerson and Amelia miss Egypt.

• Lady Baskerville visits the Emersons and asks Emerson to take over her dead husband's excavation.

• Emerson only agrees to take over Baskerville's dig on the condition that Amelia may accompany him - they plan to leave their son with cousins for the winter.

Chapter 3-4

• Amelia and Emerson arrive in Cairo and have...

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