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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 89, what Joseph Conrad book does Siobhan tell the narrator about?
(a) Heart of Darkness.
(b) Dark Heart.
(c) Cave of Darkness.
(d) Tales of Darkness.

2. What fear does the narrator overcome while trying to solve the mystery of the dog's death?
(a) Being in unfamiliar places.
(b) Not being with his father.
(c) Being alone.
(d) Talking to strangers.

3. What was the breed of the dog the narrator found on the grass?
(a) Labrador.
(b) Terrier.
(c) Poodle.
(d) Rottweiler.

4. At the end of Chapter 67, who does the narrator think killed the dog?
(a) Father.
(b) Mr. Shears.
(c) Mrs. Shears.
(d) Mrs. Alexander.

5. Why does the narrator say he will not bother his father after his father admits to being sad?
(a) Because when the narrator's father is sad, he prefers to be left alone.
(b) Because the narrator does not have anything to say to his father.
(c) Because when the narrator is sad, he prefers to be left alone.
(d) Because the narrator's father stopped talking.

6. The type of day the narrator has depends on the number of cars he passes on the way to school. What are the two types of days that he has?
(a) Green days and black days.
(b) Quite good days and bad days.
(c) Brown days and super good days.
(d) Good days and black days.

7. How does Mrs. Forbes respond to the narrator's dislike of two colors?
(a) She said that everyone has a favorite color.
(b) She said that it's tacky.
(c) She said it's just being silly.
(d) She said it's just plain awful.

8. Why does the narrator not like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?
(a) Because he is not stupid.
(b) Because he is stupid.
(c) Because he does not believe in the supernatural.
(d) Because he does believe in the supernatural.

9. How does Siobhan tell the narrator to begin his book?
(a) With a picture of his main character.
(b) With a mysterious character.
(c) With something to grab people's attention.
(d) With a quote from a famous philosopher.

10. What did Father take to the hospital when he went to visit Mother?
(a) Shoes from Han Coles.
(b) Books from Barnes and Noble.
(c) Food from Marks and Spencer's.
(d) Flowers from Spencer's.

11. When the narrator sees four yellow cars in a row, what type of day does that signal for him?
(a) A bad day.
(b) A black day.
(c) A good day.
(d) A green day.

12. How long ago does the narrator say his mother died?
(a) 1 year ago.
(b) 3 years ago.
(c) 2 years ago.
(d) 4 years ago.

13. What does Siobhan ask the narrator about at school on Monday in Chapter 149?
(a) The bruises on his face.
(b) His A-level math test.
(c) The information Mrs. Alexander gave him.
(d) The narrator's book.

14. What does the narrator have to do to the Gobi Aloo Sag before he can eat it?
(a) Adds pepper to it.
(b) Adds red food coloring to it.
(c) Holds his nose.
(d) Says a prayer over it.

15. What is one of the reasons the narrator gives for finding people confusing?
(a) People do not speak loud enough.
(b) People use metaphors when they speak.
(c) People use too many adjectives when they speak.
(d) People speak different languages.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of ghost did Uncle Terry encounter?

2. What did Father tell the narrator his mother died of?

3. What is the narrator's full name?

4. What does Mrs. Alexander reveal to the narrator about Mr. Shears?

5. What mystery does the narrator say scientists will solve someday?

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