The Cuckoo's Calling Short Essay - Answer Key

Robert Galbraith
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1. How is the scene described in the opening of the Prologue? What mood does this scene evoke?

The opening of the Prologue describes a buzzed street in London, with photographers shooting photographs of what is presumably a murder scene. This is confirmed by the dialogue. The mood set is one of mystery and suspense.

2. Compare and contrast Detective Inspector Roy Carver and Detective Sergeant Eric Wardle. What role does each play in the novel?

Detective Inspector Roy Carver and Detective Sergeant Eric Wardle are on the scene in the Prologue to investigate the death of Lula Landry. Carver does not believe the sole witness, Mrs. Bestigui, because she uses cocaine. Wardle appears to relish being in the spotlight before the television crews.

3. How is Robin Ellacott described when she is introduced in Part 1, Chapter 1?

Robin Ellacott is described as being 25 years old and attractive. She is tall with strawberry blonde hair and a nice body. Robin has just gotten engaged to her boyfriend after moving to London to live with him.

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