The Cuckoo's Calling Character Descriptions

Robert Galbraith
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Cormoran Strike

This protagonist of the novel is a 35-year-old veteran who now works as a private detective in London. He is indebted to his father, who is a famous Grammy-winning musician, and he has just split up with his long-term girlfriend as the narrative begins.

Robin Ellacot

This character is a 25-year-old woman who has recently moved to London and become engaged. She takes a temporary assignment working for the protagonist as his assistant, but soon becomes enamored with the job and continues to work for him by cutting out the temp agency's involvement.


This character has recently proposed to his girlfriend, who is now living with him in London. He is displeased with her temporary assignment working for a private detective but ultimately lets her choose what she wants to do.

John Bristow

This character hires the protagonist to investigate the death of his sister, whom...

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