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Short Answer Questions

1. According to the Chomolungma chapter, how high was the Chang La face that Messner had to navigate on his way to the North Col?

2. When Messner reached an altitude of 7500 meters in the Chomolungma chapter, what did he see in the snow?

3. When the jeep finally arrived, where did the team travel to first in the Rongbuk chapter?

4. When Messner finally reached the summit, how did he feel?

5. As Messner and Nena gathered provisions in Peking in the Tibet chapter, they had an interpreter with them. What was the interpreter's name?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the Tibetan chapter, how did Messner describe the province of Szechuan?

2. Why is the summer monsoon of extraordinary importance for the people of India and Nepal?

3. During the Cultural Revolution, what were the "Four Ancients" that the Chinese tried to destroy?

4. As Nena and Messner camped for the night at the Rongbuk river just at the edge of a village while waiting for the water to go down enough to safely cross the river in the Rongbuk chapter, what did Nena write that her big mistake of the night was?

5. According to Messner in the Chomolungma chapter, why would an attempt to preplan his solo climb be madness?

6. As Messner packed for his ascent of Mount Everest in the Chomolungma chapter, he shared his motto regarding packing. What was Messner's motto?

7. In the Tibetan chapter, why did Uemura want to scale Mount Everest in the winter?

8. Describe what a monsoon is.

9. Why were women included on the 1975 Chinese expedition team?

10. According to Nena in the Tibet chapter, why would Messner's solo ascent be lessened if he took a walkie-talkie with him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Reinhold Messner seemed to be a man who was supremely confident in his ability to succeed. Identify at least three instances from the book that highlighted his confidence. How was Messner helped by his confidence? How was Messner hurt by his confidence?

Essay Topic 2

There were several people discussed in the book who did not survive their encounter with Mount Everest. Identify at least three people who were killed on the mountain. Compare each of these deaths, being sure to indicate who died, how the person died, and what impact on Messner this person's death had. What did Messner learn from each of these other climbers?

Essay Topic 3

There is no doubt that Messner had been greatly affected by the disappearance of George Mallory years earlier as Mallory attempted to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Discuss how Mallory's disappearance affected not only Messner's worldview but also his decisions as he attempted his solo climb of Everest. How did Mallory affect Messner's mental state, his ability to persevere, and his ability to climb?

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