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Short Answer Questions

1. How high did the second British expedition reach before being forced to descend the mountain because of a growing storm?

2. Who discovered that the North Ridge was the ideal approach to the North-East Shoulder?

3. What was NOT one of the crops that the Tibetan economy was based on?

4. When the CMA granted Messner a permit in the Kanchung chapter, approximately how much did Messner believe the expedition would cost?

5. According to Messner, at what age he did begin climbing?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Messner describe the region of Solo Khumba in the early pages of the Mount Everest-Fairytale and Reality chapter?

2. In the Kanchung chapter, what did the article Messner read in the "Peking Review" state?

3. As the book opens, what reason did Mallory give when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest a second time?

4. What made Messner's ascent of the Abruzzi Ridge different from that of previous mountaineers?

5. When Messner referred to "fair means" in climbing in the Mount Everest-Fairytale and Reality chapter, what was he referring to?

6. What did the British recognize as too difficult a route in the 1920s and 1930s that is still not climbed to this day?

7. Why did the second person to attempt a solo ascent of Everest decline to use oxygen gear?

8. What unusual item was a standard item placed in the rooms by the hotel in Syangpoche in the early pages of the Mount Everest-Fairytale and Reality chapter?

9. What did Messner suspect was the main reason that men often invited him to talk over a beer after hearing Messner's lecture?

10. Describe what the oxygen apparatus of the 1920's looked like.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There were several people discussed in the book who did not survive their encounter with Mount Everest. Identify at least three people who were killed on the mountain. Compare each of these deaths, being sure to indicate who died, how the person died, and what impact on Messner this person's death had. What did Messner learn from each of these other climbers?

Essay Topic 2

Nena Holguin was the woman who accompanied Reinhold Messner as his technical assistant when Messner prepared and scaled Mount Everest solo. Describe Nena Holguin, her strengths and weaknesses, and her overall role in the success of Messner's historic climb. Would Messner have reached the summit alone without Nena supporting him?

Essay Topic 3

Noel Odell was a person that the reader learned about only through tales of the past. Why did Messner include Odell in the book? What purpose did Odell's presence serve? How were Messner's reasons for writing this book furthered by Odell's inclusion and insights?

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