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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chomolungma—Ascent and Descent.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the long journey from their base camp to Messner's final destination in the Rongbuk chapter, what were Messner and Nena craving?
(a) Water.
(b) Food.
(c) Silence.
(d) Exercise.

2. What was the only medication besides aspirin that Messner had brought with him for his climb?
(a) Herb oil.
(b) Vitamin B-12.
(c) Vitamin C.
(d) Fish oil.

3. When Messner reached an altitude of 7500 meters in the Chomolungma chapter, what did he see in the snow?
(a) A red rope.
(b) A cap.
(c) A hiking boot.
(d) A camera.

4. After the uprising of March 1959, how many Tibetans fled to India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sikkim?
(a) 20,000.
(b) 15,000.
(c) 25,000.
(d) 30,000.

5. In the Tibet chapter, what "sport" did Bulle once liken mountaineering to?
(a) Pain.
(b) Suffering.
(c) Rugby.
(d) Swimming.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the liaison officer with Messner, how long should it have taken the traveling party to reach their destination in the Rongbuk chapter?

2. As alluded to in the North Col chapter, at what altitude did Messner and Nena plan to set up their midway camp?

3. On the first day of his Everest ascent, how long did Messner climb before finally erecting his bivouac tent?

4. Who was one of the first people that Messner told about his newly acquired permit from the CMA in the Kanchung chapter?

5. On what day did the Chinese expedition's assault team finally reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1975?

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