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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ambrosius asks Merlin if he has seen what?
(a) The Druids
(b) A ghost
(c) A vision
(d) Arthur

2. Of whom does Belasius speak to Merlin?
(a) The scriptures
(b) The devil
(c) God
(d) The goddess

3. The distance to Galapas' cave seems ______ than before.
(a) Longer
(b) Easier
(c) Shorter
(d) Curvier

4. What has Merlin heard?
(a) The death cry of someone
(b) A bird
(c) A message of truth
(d) A spell

5. What was left in the ransacked cave?
(a) The rug
(b) The bronze mirror
(c) A special book
(d) A message

6. Who is the bastard son of the king by a slave woman?
(a) Gorlan
(b) Dinias
(c) Merlin
(d) Cadal

7. What does Merlin see approaching his horse?
(a) A solider
(b) A black stallion
(c) A white bull
(d) A ghost

8. Merlin says that he tends to forget things of ____________ past.
(a) Long
(b) Magic
(c) Recent
(d) King's

9. What does Merlin buy when they land?
(a) Herbs
(b) A walking stick
(c) A pot of soup
(d) A broken down horse

10. To where does Dinias invite Merlin?
(a) A festival
(b) A pub
(c) His house
(d) A different cave

11. Who does Ambrosius ask Merlin about?
(a) Moravik
(b) Cadal
(c) Dinias
(d) Lady Niniane

12. When the two birds get into a fight, which one dies?
(a) Both
(b) The merlin
(c) Neither
(d) The ringdove

13. What has Merlin witnessed?
(a) A cold-blooded murder
(b) A cannibal sacrifice
(c) A vision
(d) A ritual ceremony

14. What has happened to the person in #34 that died?
(a) They had the plague
(b) They were cursed
(c) They were stabbed in the gut
(d) Their throat was cut

15. How long does Merlin have to wait for Lady Niniane?
(a) A week
(b) 2 days
(c) 2 hours
(d) A few minutes

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Merlin taught to be like in order to avoid troubles?

2. Who travels with Merlin back to his homeland?

3. What happens when the stranger lights a candle in the crystal chamber?

4. Who refuses to move because he was told not to move?

5. How long does the trip from Maridunum take?

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