The Crystal Cave Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. Merlin says that he tends to forget things of ____________ past.


2. What does Merlin seem to say he can create?


3. Who does Merlin see meeting in the misty woods outside a cave?

A couple

4. How old is Merlin when the story begins?


5. Who is Merlin's mother?

Lady Niniane

6. Who returns to the palace after his brother's mysterious death?


7. Where was Merlin's grandfather's house?


8. What do others believe the identity of Merlin's father is?

The devil

9. Who is the bastard son of the king by a slave woman?


10. What is Moravik's man friend that comes to Merlin's aide?


11. What is Merlin taught to be like in order to avoid troubles?

A ringdove

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