The Crystal Cave Character Descriptions

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This character is about six-years-old when the story begins. He is an illusive, inquisitive child, spurned because his mother would not reveal his true father. He starts out hiding in the labyrinth of the palace that belongs to the King. The King is cruel to him because he is a bastard.


This character is the person that puts Merlin on his path to power. The simple hermit becomes Merlin's confidant, friend and even father figure. His cave continues to be a home for Merlin throughout his lifetime.


This character is a big, blonde man who is calculating and shrewd. He returns home after the death of his brother. In the beginning, he pretends to support Merlin. He clearly becomes the antagonist in the story when he tries to give Merlin poisoned fruit. He is determined to have his father's throne.

The King, Merlin's Grandfather


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