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Prologue | Book 1, Chapter 1

• The story begins with Merlin speaking about his life from the time before Arthur became King.

• Merlin says he tends to forget recent memories in order to remember things from long ago.

• Merlin hints that he has magical powers.

• Merlin speaks of a couple meeting in the woods outside a cave.

• Merlin, when he was 6, lives with a women named Lady Niniane.

• Merlin has no father that he knows of.

• The old King hates Merlin.

• Camlach and Merlin begin to spend time together.

Book 1, Chapter 2 | Book 1, Chapter 3

• Merlin's grandfather's house is in Maridunum.

• Merlin hears the shout of King Gorlon asking for his mother's hand.

• Merlin's mother refused King Gorlon.

• Merlin goes with Camlach to a secret garden.

• Camlach tries to make Merlin eat an apricot, but Merlin refuses, knowing they are "black" inside, i.e. poisoned.

• Merlin's own grandfather cut Merlin's face when he...

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