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Kwame Alexander
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does JB's girlfriend ask for seconds of at the dinner table in "The Girl Who Stole My Brother"?
(a) Vegetable lasagna.
(b) Pizza.
(c) Tuna casserole.
(d) Spaghetti and meatballs.

2. What is the first sentence in "The Doctor Pats Jordan and Me on the Back and Says"?
(a) "Your father is resting now."
(b) "Your father is no longer with us."
(c) "Your father is in a coma."
(d) "Your dad should be fine."

3. At what time is the first message posted in "Text Messages from Vondie"?
(a) 8:05.
(b) 8:24.
(c) 7:45.
(d) 7:35.

4. What is the punchline for Josh's dad's joke in "Final Jeopardy," "Y'all know what the mama turkey said to her naughty son?"
(a) "Because she wouldn't let him in the door!"
(b) "If your papa could see your now, he'd turn over in his gravy!"
(c) "Because there were no mashed potatoes on the table!"
(d) "To get to the other side."

5. What does Josh describe his mother repeatedly singing in "The Doctor Pats Jordan and Me on the Back and Says"?
(a) "On the Mountaintop."
(b) "Kumbaya."
(c) "Stand by Me."
(d) "Halelujah."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is compared to a strong wind in the opening of the poem "Storm"?

2. What basketball camp did JB's girlfriend go to, according to the narrator in "Things I Learn at Dinner"?

3. How many seconds are left to go in the game when the coach calls time-out in "For Dad"?

4. What is Vondie's girlfriend's favorite color described as in "Even Vondie"?

5. For how many days does Josh say his father has been in the hospital in "Tanka for Language Arts Class"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How would you describe the mood of the poem "After" in "Third Quarter"? How does the author develop this mood?

2. What is related of Vondie's girlfriend in "Even Vondie"?

3. How does the advice in "Basketball Rule #9" apply to life?

4. What actions are described regarding Chuck in "On Christmas Eve"?

5. What are some of the questions that appear in the poem "Questions" in "Fourth Quarter"?

6. How is the word "profusely" explored in the poem that has the same name?

7. What advice does Josh's father give him regarding JB in "The Nosebleed Section"?

8. What news is related in the poem "Article #1 in the Daily News (December 14)"?

9. What thoughts and emotions does Josh express in "Dear Jordan"?

10. What are some of the reasons that Josh lists in "Mom, Since You Asked, I’ll Tell You Why I’m So Angry"?

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