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Kwame Alexander
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What game does Josh's team win in "This Week, I"?
(a) Game Seven.
(b) Game Ten.
(c) Game Twelve.
(d) Game Nine.

2. What does Josh describe doing during practice in "This Week, I"?
(a) Reading and writing.
(b) Calling his girlfriend.
(c) Cleaning the garage.
(d) Playing computer games.

3. How are "the unspoken words" described in the poem "After"?
(a) "Solemn and wounded."
(b) "Bandaged and hurt."
(c) "Volcanic and weighty."
(d) "Piercing and ominous."

4. How many points does JB have in the game in "The Nosebleed Section"?
(a) 5.
(b) 19.
(c) 12.
(d) 16.

5. Who is described as JB's girlfriend's favorite basketball player in "Things I Learn at Dinner"?
(a) Diana Taurasi.
(b) Sheryl Swoopes.
(c) Lisa Leslie.
(d) Skylar Diggins.

6. What is JB doing on his bunk when the phone rings in "As We're About to Leave for the Final Game"?
(a) Talking on his cell phone.
(b) Typing on his laptop.
(c) Listening to his iPod.
(d) Reading a magazine.

7. What does JB's girlfriend ask for seconds of at the dinner table in "The Girl Who Stole My Brother"?
(a) Spaghetti and meatballs.
(b) Tuna casserole.
(c) Vegetable lasagna.
(d) Pizza.

8. What musician does Josh describe listening to in "I Don't Think I'll Ever Get Used To"?
(a) Tupac.
(b) Dr. Dre.
(c) Lil Wayne.
(d) Charlie Parker.

9. At what hospital is Josh's family in "The Doctor Pats Jordand and Me on the Back and Says"?
(a) Mercy Hospital.
(b) Trinity Pines Hospital.
(c) St. Luke's Hospital.
(d) St. Mary's Hospital.

10. What does Josh's father suggest Josh do in regards to JB in "The Nosebleed Section"?
(a) Write him a letter.
(b) Give him an ultimatum.
(c) Call him.
(d) Buy him a gift.

11. In one line from the poem "Mom, Since You Asked, I'll Tell You Why I'm So Angry," Josh says, "Because the only thing that matters is" what?
(a) "Love."
(b) "Dad."
(c) "Swish."
(d) "Life."

12. How many rebounds has JB gotten in the game in "The Nosebleed Section"?
(a) 5.
(b) 6.
(c) 3.
(d) 4.

13. What is Vondie's girlfriend's favorite color described as in "Even Vondie"?
(a) Purple.
(b) Green.
(c) Black.
(d) Brown.

14. What is the second word that extends downward on the page in the poem "Fast Break"?
(a) "Kerplunk."
(b) "Shooting."
(c) "Down."
(d) "Landing."

15. The narrator says in "Basketball Rule #9," "When the game is on the line," to do what?
(a) "Don't fear."
(b) "Shift focus."
(c) "Focus."
(d) "Keep running."

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the punchline for Josh's dad's joke in "Final Jeopardy," "Y'all know what the mama turkey said to her naughty son?"

2. What does Josh say his mother never lets them have in "Suspension"?

3. For what minor-league baseball team did Michael Jordan play, as revealed in "Final Jeopardy"?

4. How old was Josh when he pushed a kid out of the swings for JB, according to the narrative in "Santa Claus Stops By"?

5. What word is repeatedly set apart from the others in the poem "I Don't Think I'll Ever Get Used To"?

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