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Kwame Alexander
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Fourth Quarter".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What question does Josh ask his coach when the coach asks if he is sure he is able to play in "During Warm-Ups"?
(a) "Can I step out if I need to?"
(b) "Can a deaf person write music?"
(c) "Are there wolves in sheeps' clothing?"
(d) "Does the sun come up each day?"

2. In "For Dad," the narrator says, "I wish the ref could stop the clock of" what?
(a) "My fear."
(b) "All time."
(c) "My dreams."
(d) "My life."

3. Who is described as JB's girlfriend's favorite basketball player in "Things I Learn at Dinner"?
(a) Lisa Leslie.
(b) Sheryl Swoopes.
(c) Diana Taurasi.
(d) Skylar Diggins.

4. Who did Josh's dad call "a selfish millionaire with a bad attitude," according to the narrator in "Churlish"?
(a) Kobe Bryant.
(b) Wilt Chamberlain.
(c) Stephon Marbury.
(d) Michael Jordan.

5. What does Josh describe eating for dessert in the beginning of "Final Jeopardy"?
(a) Apple pie.
(b) Fruit cocktail.
(c) Doughnuts.
(d) Cherry pie.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what time is the last message from Vondie posted in "Text Messages from Vondie"?

2. What does Josh describe his father playing with his brothers in "Santa Claus Stops By"?

3. Who is the coach of Josh and JB's basketball team?

4. How old was Josh's grandfather when he died, according to the narrator in "Conversation"?

5. What does Josh's father describe writing a book titled in "Questions"?

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