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Kwame Alexander
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Fourth Quarter".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What team does Josh describe having just beaten in "Mom Calls Me into the Kitchen"?
(a) St. Francis.
(b) Sam Ellison.
(c) Olive Branch.
(d) Independence.

2. Why is Josh's father pulled over in "Game Time: 6:00 p.m."?
(a) Because he ran a streetlight.
(b) Because of a broken taillight.
(c) Because he was speeding.
(d) Because he ran a stop sign.

3. What school has Josh's team just defeated in "Article #1 in the Daily News (December 14)"?
(a) Independence Junior High.
(b) Cordova Middle School.
(c) Olive Branch Junior High.
(d) St. Matthews Junior High.

4. Who is the coach of Josh and JB's basketball team?
(a) Coach Hawkins.
(b) Coach Anderson.
(c) Coach Echols.
(d) Coach Williams.

5. How is the word "Churlish" described in the poem with the same name?
(a) "Outgoing and friendly."
(b) "Having a bad temper, and being difficult to work with."
(c) "Respectful of others, particularly in sports and games."
(d) "Flirtatious and given to physical attractiveness."

Short Answer Questions

1. How many rebounds has JB gotten in the game in "The Nosebleed Section"?

2. What does Josh describe his father playing with his brothers in "Santa Claus Stops By"?

3. What is the court described as doing in the poem "The Last Shot"?

4. Who is the doctor that Josh's mom tells his dad to call in "The Next Morning"?

5. What word is extended downward on the page in the poem "Showoff"?

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