Objects & Places from The Crossover

Kwame Alexander
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In The Crossover, these symbolize power to Josh. He describes them as making him feel "like a king" (14), and being the distinguishing factor between himself and his brother.

Basketball Court

In "Basketball Rule #1," Josh uses a metaphor to connect this setting with family.

The Ball

In "Basketball Rule #1," Josh uses a metaphor to connect this object with "your heart" (22).

Championship Ring

This object represents the height of Chuck's professional career. After his death, it is passed on to Josh by JB.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts

These objects represent decadence and the causes of Chuck's ill health.

Sweet Tea

When Alexis attends her first basketball game, JB brings her this, which becomes a nickname for her to Josh.

Duke University

This is the college that Josh wants to attend after graduation, and it sets him apart from his brother who wants to attend a rival school.

Carolina Blue


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