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Kwame Alexander
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"Warm Up" - "First Quarter"

• The Crossover is a young adult novel that is composed entirely in verse (poetry).

• The poems that make up the narrative are all related from the first-person point of view of 12-year-old protagonist Josh Bell.

• This verse novel has six main parts, each titled for a division within a basketball game: “Warm-Up,” “First Quarter,” “Second Quarter,” “Third Quarter,” “Fourth Quarter,” and “Overtime.”

• Within these six sections, each poem is titled in reference to its subject matter.

• In the first poem from “Warm-Up,” titled “Dribbling,” the narrator describes his moves on the basketball court.

• The author employs a variety of different stylistic devices in the poems of the verse novel, including alterations in the text of words (with some in all caps and some in all lower-case; staggered words that carry across the page; plays on rhyme and meter; assonance; alliteration; and consonance.

• The...

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