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David Wilkerson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dave do when he first arrives back in New York?
(a) Gets a motel.
(b) Goes to the courthouse.
(c) Walks around.
(d) Goes to the city jail.

2. From what did Dave take encouragement about his idea?
(a) A parable he knew from the Bible.
(b) His grandfather.
(c) A randomly chosen Bible verse.
(d) His brother.

3. How do Dave's initial attempts to find the parents end?
(a) In failure.
(b) He obtained all the signatures the first time out.
(c) He found half of them.
(d) Three of the parents had moved so he will need to go to New Jersey.

4. What does Dave get from his church when he decides to return to New York?
(a) Derision.
(b) Money.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Advice advocating caution.

5. How do the gangs feel about Dave's trouble with the police?
(a) It gives him respect.
(b) It makes him look silly.
(c) He can't be a real preacher.
(d) It means nothing because it wasn't a real crime.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the gang members feel about attending the rally?

2. What was Dave's occupation?

3. How did Dave's church help him in his quest?

4. What did Dave manipulate Nicky into doing the last night of the rally?

5. What did Dave do after the first day at the courthouse?

Short Essay Questions

1. What event with Dave's life is scheduled to occur at the same time as the rally? How does she feel about Dave being in New York?

2. What did Dave's grandfather say about Dave's mission and what do you think his grandfather meant?

3. What did Dave do with what his mother said and how did some of the people in his home town react to him? How did his mother's words help him?

4. What does Dave's grandfather tell him about a snake? Explain how this story could be symbolic.

5. How does Dave feel about his first two conversions and what does his wife say? What do you think she meant by her statement to him?

6. Who does Dave visit on his way home and what is he told? Do you think it was good for Dave to hear?

7. What did Dave do shortly after he arrived back in New York? Do you think the gang members would have talked to him if he hadn't been thrown out of the courthouse?

8. What happened when Dave left the courthouse? Why do you think Dave felt the way he did?

9. What did Dave do on his first visit to the courthouse and how did that come out? Were you surprised at the outcome?

10. What idea is formed after Dave talks to Ortez's congregation? Do you think it was a good idea?

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