The Cross and the Switchblade Short Essay - Answer Key

David Wilkerson
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1. What does the author describe at the beginning of the book and what does he feel he should do? Do you think he seemed ignorant about the circumstances?

The author describes seeing a picture in Life Magazine of seven male teenagers in New York City who had murdered another teenager (see "Important People - The Dragon Gang and Michael Farmer"), and how he felt inspired to go to New York and help them. He would seem he wouldn't understand had trials worked in a big city.

2. How did Dave feel about leaving his home and why did he decide, finally to do it? How do you think he saw his decision process?

He describes how reluctant he was to leave his small church in rural Pennsylvania, narrating the events that brought him and his family there - events that, he suggests, were the result of intense, trusting prayer. He must have thought that praying was as good a way to make a decision as anything else.

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