The Cross and the Switchblade Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

David Wilkerson
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Chapters 1, 2 and 3

• Dave Wilkerson sees a picture in Life magazine of seven teenagers on trial for the murder of another teenager.

• Dave is a pastor of a small rural Pentecostal church in Pennsylvania.

• He feels led to go to New York and talk to the seven teenagers.

• He told his church that he felt God was telling him to go. They put together a collection to pay his expenses.
• In Chapter 2 he describes the journey to New York and his anxiety about taking such an unusual action.

• He is embarrassed at how his innocence and lack of knowledge of procedures in a large city and a court make him look.

• He pushes his way into the courtroom to see the judge and is stopped by security who believe he is a gang member.

• After his credentials are finally believed he is released and interviewed by the press.
• The...

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