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Short Answer Questions

1. When were the cave drawings discovered?

2. To what use did Romans put sculpture according to Boorstin?

3. What does Boorstin say man discovered in Section 24: The Birth of the Spectator?

4. What was the first literary work according to Boorstin?

5. What is Boorstin's subject in The Creators?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Boorstin say Pickering and Prescott have in common, and what is their role in the development of the Western imaginative consciousness?

2. How does Boorstin describe the Hindu contribution to imaginative culture?

3. What is the final artistic accomplishment Boorstin describes in The Creators?

4. How did painting begin to reflect the changes that were taking place in literature?

5. What does Boorstin say is William Wordsworth's contribution to imaginative culture?

6. How does Boorstin characterize the Gothic style of art?

7. Where does Boorstin put Kafka in his portrait of imaginative thinkers?

8. How does Boorstin describe the birth of hymns?

9. What does Boorstin say is Dostoevsky's contribution to imaginative literature?

10. Where does Melville's Moby Dick fit in Boorstin's narrative?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an evaluative review of The Creators. What is this book's place in culture? What are its uses? Who is its audience? What are its limitations?

Essay Topic 2

Modern times are often described as either the summit of individual expression or the fragmentation of culture--but these are opposing concepts, and the opposition is always a tricky territory to navigate. How does Boorstin render these two trends, how does he reconcile them, and how does he account for the sense some people have that modern culture is a catastrophe from the perspective of the family or community?

Essay Topic 3

Make an annotated timeline and map to show Boorstin's progress through the history of imagination in World culture. Describe how you arrived at the graphic representation at which you arrived. Account, too, for Boorstin's departures from straight chronology.

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