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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What fear did St. Ambrose's creation allay?
(a) Of unsuitable music entering the church.
(b) Of unseemly literature entering the church canon.
(c) Of buildings that rendered prayer impossible.
(d) Of drabness in church literature.

2. How long was it before Gothic art changed the style of European art and architecture in Boorstin's account?
(a) Five hundred years.
(b) A hundred years.
(c) A thousand years.
(d) Two thousand years.

3. What does Abbé Suger say about how spirits can raise themselves to eternal things in the epigraph to Part 6?
(a) That it requires symbolic death, again and again.
(b) That it requires renunciation of the world.
(c) That it requires symbols of beauty.
(d) That it happens on its own.

4. What does Boorstin say Christianity helped man discover?
(a) Democracy.
(b) The New World.
(c) Man's power to control nature.
(d) Man's power to create.

5. What does Boorstin say is the difference between tragedy and comedy?
(a) Tragedy was for intimate gatherings, comedy for large audiences.
(b) Tragedy dealt with kings, comedy with commoners.
(c) Tragedy dealt with long-ago events, comedy with the present.
(d) Tragedy ended in death, comedy in marriage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the special element of Gothic architecture in Boorstin's opinion?

2. What is Boorstin's subject in The Creators?

3. What was the first literary work according to Boorstin?

4. What does Auden say about books in the second epigraph to Part 5?

5. What else did Thespis invent?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Boorstin say the Japanese differ from Westerners in their architectural approach?

2. How does Boorstin characterize the Gothic style of art?

3. What explanation does Boorstin offer for the cave paintings of Altamira, Lascaux and Les Trois Freres?

4. What does Boorstin mean when he says that theology was born in Greek philosophy?

5. What did Moses add to the culture of imagination?

6. How does Boorstin characterize the Confucian teachings?

7. How does Boorstin describe the Hindu contribution to imaginative culture?

8. What contribution does Boorstin say Boethius made to imaginative culture?

9. What innovation did Dante introduce to Western culture?

10. What is a dithyramb and what is its place in imaginative culture?

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