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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Gibbon add to the genre of human comedy according to Boorstin?
(a) The historical novel.
(b) The fairy tale of history.
(c) The saga of empire.
(d) The biography of kings.

2. How does Boorstin characterize the form of Whitman's poetry?
(a) Modernist.
(b) Unconventional.
(c) Symmetrical.
(d) Post-modern.

3. What does Boorstin say Mozart said about dying?
(a) That he had not yet begun his real work.
(b) That he was the most fortunate man who had ever lived.
(c) That he was dying before he could enjoy his talent.
(d) That he had done all he meant to do.

4. Why did Dickens leave the public sphere?
(a) He was arrested.
(b) His doctor warned him against public readings.
(c) He went bankrupt.
(d) He was censored.

5. What does Boorstin say does the artist's job in photography?
(a) The machine.
(b) The developer.
(c) The image itself.
(d) Light.

6. How did Benjamin Franklin innovate in the autobiographical form?
(a) His Autobiography described his most intimate thoughts and actions.
(b) His Autobiography was focused solely on himself and his family.
(c) His Autobiography introduced the success narrative.
(d) His Autobiography gave an account of his soul and sins, in addition to his relationship with God.

7. What did modern dance claim to be according to Boorstin?
(a) The art of movement.
(b) The art of the future.
(c) The daughter of ballet.
(d) The physical expression of Western philosophy.

8. What does Boorstin say artists began to see in modern art?
(a) Platonic forms.
(b) Transcendent forms.
(c) Evanescent moments.
(d) Traditions.

9. What does Boorstin say is unique about Richard Wagner?
(a) His music created new philosophies.
(b) He was influential in both musical and literary history.
(c) His work was performed with modern orchestras for the first time.
(d) His work embodied religious ideals in new ways.

10. How does Boorstin characterize the autobiography as a form?
(a) An objective account of a person's feelings and language.
(b) A rebellion against the act of being misread.
(c) A shifting subject viewed from a shifting perspective.
(d) A scientific glimpse into the workings of the self.

11. What does Boorstin say Dostoevsky's novels do to Western values?
(a) Reject them.
(b) Annihilate them.
(c) Besiege them.
(d) Embrace them.

12. Who does Boorstin say Bach's audience was?
(a) The church.
(b) The aristocratic court.
(c) The military.
(d) The church and the public.

13. What does Boorstin say Melville presents in Moby Dick?
(a) The isolation of American individuals.
(b) The mystery of the self.
(c) The cruel heart of American industry.
(d) The stoicism of the American self.

14. What was novel about the essay according to Boorstin?
(a) It celebrated the self.
(b) It allowed for new definitions of community.
(c) It preserved traditional confessional literary traditions in a new form.
(d) It was combined fiction and non-fiction.

15. What motif did Bruneleschi and Alberti introduce to Western art?
(a) The division of a canvas into allegorical and realist halves.
(b) The view out of a window.
(c) Mimetic realism.
(d) Decorative cherubs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Gibbon say was the essence of history?

2. What happened to Milton before he wrote Paradise Lost?

3. What does Boorstin say Michelangelo inspired people to idealize?

4. What was the subject of Monet's art?

5. When did Bruneleschi make the Foundling Hospital in Florence?

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