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Ancient Greeks

These people are among the founders of Western civilization as it is now known.


These people believe in creation by a single, omnipotent Creator.


These people built the pyramids in 2700 B.C.


These people believe in Inlibration, the embodiment of God in a book.


This person created the epic of every man's exile from life to death.


This person used the horrors of the plague to write stories of human adventures and misadventures without morals.

Geoffrey Chaucer

This person used the pilgrim metaphor to add to the human comedy.


This person wrote five volumes about a character luxuriating in vulgarity.


This person wrote the first modern novel, which was born as a kind of anti-novel.

William Shakespeare

This person produced his own version of the human comedy for a new audience in a newly flourishing art form of drama...

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