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Part 1, Sections 1-4

• The Hindus idealize the sun god as the one who makes vision possible, and tell a story of a creation that came into existence when Prajapati was sacrificed.

• Confucius taught that man could not know the true nature of divinity, but he focused on knowing how to live among people and to live with oneself in a cyclical natural world.
• Buddha taught that suffering could not be stopped, but it could be escaped by enlightenment.

• The Homeric epics, according to Boorstin, are a parable of the mystery of creation, and they describe man as made in the image of the gods.

Part 2, Sections 5-8

• Moses created the idea of a monotheistic God with whom man could have a covenant-based relationship.

• Philo of Alexandria described philosophy as the handmaiden to theology, and now the gods' works and practices could evaluated logically.
• St. Augustine dispensed with the...

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