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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom does Willem Van Doorn fall in love and father two children?
(a) A French woman named Danielle.
(b) An English woman named Julia.
(c) A Dutch woman named Hanneke.
(d) A slave girl named Ateh.

2. How does Gao prove his bravery during the hunt?
(a) He attacks the eland with his bare hands.
(b) He risks his safety to help his father fight the lions.
(c) He approaches the biggest antelope and spears it.
(d) He approaches a herd of antelope without assistance.

3. Where does Captain Nicholas Saltwood build his English estate?
(a) In Staffordshire.
(b) On the Thames river just outside London.
(c) On the river Avon.
(d) In the center of London.

4. How do Hilary and his wife die?
(a) They drown in a shipwreck.
(b) They burn in a fire.
(c) They die of cholera.
(d) They are murdered.

5. When Nxumalo gains the king's attention, what new job is he given?
(a) Supervision of the gold mines.
(b) Physician.
(c) Dream interpreter.
(d) Head scribe.

Short Answer Questions

1. For whom does Paul de Prè work as a gardener in Amsterdam?

2. What three European nations battle for control of Malacca in Chapter Three?

3. What is Prince Henry of Portugal's nickname?

4. At what age do the men in Gumsto's tribe marry?

5. At the beginning of Chapter Seven, for what tribal problem does the diviner think Ndela is responsible?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Paul de Prè achieve his goal of acquiring the Van Doorn estate of Trianon, and why do his sons not inherit it after him?

2. Why is Prince Henry of Portugal determined to sail around the cape of Africa in 1453?

3. Describe the commemoration of the battle at Blood River and the idea that Johanna and Piet contribute to the event.

4. Explain why the Dutch want to gain control of the Portuguese fort at Malacca in Chapter Three, and what factor leads to their success in doing so.

5. Who is Pik Prinsloo, and what exciting find does he make in 1978?

6. How does the white race respond to apartheid in South Africa under Detleef Van Doorn's new laws?

7. What role does rugby play in Detleef's life?

8. When Tjaart Van Doorn and the other Voortrekkers leave their farms, why does the Church not support them?

9. A San elder will sacrifice everything in order to ensure that his or her clan continues and thrives. Give some examples of this sacrifice from Chapter One of The Covenant by James Michener.

10. What does the imagery of the opening pages of The Covenant, with animals grazing around a dying watering hole, convey about South Africa?

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