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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which Van Doorn befriends the slave Dikkop in Chapter Five?
(a) Hendrik Van Doorn.
(b) Adriaan Van Doorn.
(c) Karel Van Doorn.
(d) Rebecca Van Doorn.

2. Which of Captain Saltwood's crew members does Willem Van Doorn befriend?
(a) Jack, a San tribesman.
(b) Jan, a Dutchman.
(c) Francois, a French Huguenot.
(d) Captain Saltwood himself.

3. What is Willem Van Doorn's dying wish?
(a) That his wife remarry.
(b) That he be buried in Holland.
(c) That his children prosper.
(d) That his grandchildren never go to war with the Hottentots.

4. What does the king of Zimbabwe put Nxumalo in charge of moving?
(a) The royal palace.
(b) The diamond mine.
(c) The city of Zimbabwe.
(d) The gold mine.

5. Why do Seena Van Doorn and her daughter-in-law come into conflict?
(a) Rebecca is a hypochondriac and always feigning illness.
(b) Rebecca is arrogant.
(c) Rebecca is lazy.
(d) Rebecca is very religious and considers Seena a blasphemer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What nationality is the man who establishes the fort at Malacca in 1511?

2. Which tribal leader causes as much death, devastation, and forced migration as Shaka?

3. What does the Black Circuit commission investigate?

4. Which of the following does not describe Seena Van Valck?

5. From what disease does Paul de Prè die?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Tjaart Van Doorn and the other Voortrekkers leave their farms, why does the Church not support them?

2. Explain why the San tribe must move, and why Kharu thinks the time is not yet right to move?

3. How does Simon Kerr influence Hilary Saltwood's desire to be a missionary and his life in Africa once he becomes a missionary?

4. What is the Dark Time referred to in Chapter Seven, and what is its affect on Shaka's relationship with Nxumalo?

5. What is Willem Van Doorn's relationship with Ateh the slave girl?

6. What factors almost bring about the destruction of the Xhosa tribe in 1857 and how does Richard Saltwood save the tribe from starving?

7. Why is Daniel Nxumalo arrested?

8. Why does Paul de Prè want to marry Petronella Van Doorn, and what thwarts his marriage goals?

9. Explain why the Dutch want to gain control of the Portuguese fort at Malacca in Chapter Three, and what factor leads to their success in doing so.

10. Why does the Old Seeker ostensibly bring Nxumalo to Zimbabwe, and what is his real reason for bringing Nxumalo to the great city?

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