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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what foreign country are laborers brought in Chapter Eleven to work in the mines?
(a) China.
(b) Ireland.
(c) France.
(d) Portugal.

2. For what is Moses Nxumalo stopped by the police?
(a) Driving without a license.
(b) Not paying his annual tax of one pound.
(c) Public intoxication.
(d) Burglary.

3. Who leads the Voortrekkers as a general when they battle with the Zulus at Blood River in 1838?
(a) Andries Pretorius.
(b) Tjaart Van Doorn.
(c) Lukas DeGroot.
(d) Mzilikazi.

4. What conditions does Micah Nxumalo show Detleef that the black miners are facing?
(a) They are being replaced by the Chinese.
(b) They have incurred major injuries from their mining work.
(c) They have a housing shortage and are living in the street.
(d) Since they're paid less, they're even poorer than the whites.

5. What interactions do the Voortrekkers have with the Zulu warrior Dingane?
(a) Dingane guides them through dangerous Bantu land.
(b) Dingane promises them land rights, but plans to kill them.
(c) Dingane agrees to herd cattle and sheep for them.
(d) Dingane signs a peace treaty with them.

6. Why does the woman Philip loves reject his marriage proposal?
(a) She prefers one of the Troxel boys.
(b) She prefers to marry an Afrikaner, and Philip is American.
(c) She is going to be a nun and plans to never marry.
(d) Philip is too poor for her.

7. How does Richard Saltwood earn the name Cupid in Chapter Nine?
(a) He helps unmarried Englishmen find wives in Africa.
(b) He brings a minister to town to perform marriages.
(c) He helps the German recruits take wives with them to Africa.
(d) He arranges marriages for his Boer neighbors.

8. Why does Detleef refuse to accept the blue ribbon for his prize bull?
(a) He's angry his sheep didn't win blue ribbons also.
(b) The king will present the ribbon, and he opposes the king.
(c) He doesn't think his bull deserves to win.
(d) He is modest and shuns publicity.

9. Why does Piet Krause take the school children and their families to Waterval-Boven?
(a) For a picnic.
(b) To see a trainload of Chinese workers being repatriated.
(c) To see the waterfall near the town.
(d) To visit the museum there.

10. Who do the authorities ask to testify against Daniel Nxumalo?
(a) Philip Saltwood.
(b) Frikkie Troxel.
(c) Marius Van Doorn.
(d) Sannie Van Doorn.

11. Why are farmers living in squalor in the city when Detleef visits it in Chapter Twelve?
(a) Drought has forced them off their land.
(b) Their crops were destroyed by insects.
(c) The English burned their crops.
(d) The Zulus burned their crops.

12. Which of the following does not describe the way the Broderbond works?
(a) They infiltrate politics and business.
(b) They put themselves into decision making positions.
(c) They infiltrate schools and railways.
(d) They publicize their activities in newspapers.

13. What consequence do the Xhosa people face after taking their actions in response to Nonqause's prophecy?
(a) They contract yellow fever and many die.
(b) They starve, and hundreds of them die.
(c) They lose the battle with the Zulus and are annihilated.
(d) They are arrested by the English and imprisoned.

14. What is the size of Pik Prinsloo's big diamond find in the stream?
(a) A five carat diamond.
(b) A two carat diamond.
(c) A four carat diamond.
(d) A six carat diamond.

15. Who says that in order to beat the English, the Dutch must first be educated the way they are to have the tools with which to overcome them?
(a) Paulus DeGroot.
(b) Piet Krause.
(c) Micah Nxumalo.
(d) Christoffel Steyn.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Heather Botha in Chapter Thirteen?

2. Who declares war on October 10, 1899?

3. Who is sent to the south to see if the Dutch families there can be counted on to join the Dutch families in the north if fighting breaks out between the English and the Dutch?

4. Why are the mine owners forcing white Afrikaners out of the mines in Chapter Twelve?

5. What mining company is interested in investigating the area in which Prinsloo finds his big diamond to see if it has potential for yielding more of the precious gems?

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