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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is discovered about Petra's father as a result of Mrs. Van Valck's actions?
(a) He has two black ancestors.
(b) He is an embezzler.
(c) He is an escaped felon.
(d) He is an expert mathematician.

2. What does General JBM Hertzog's speech in Chapter Eleven involve?
(a) Going into battle again to defeat the English.
(b) South Africa as a self-governed land.
(c) Education in Afrikaans.
(d) Repatriating the Chinese.

3. How many Voortrekkers face the twelve thousand Zulus in battle at Blood River in 1838?
(a) Twenty thousand.
(b) One thousand.
(c) Four hundred and sixty.
(d) One hundred.

4. Why are the mine owners forcing white Afrikaners out of the mines in Chapter Twelve?
(a) They are hiring Chinese miners instead.
(b) They are mechanizing the mines and need less miners.
(c) To hire black miners at lower wages.
(d) The mines are going out of business.

5. Who does Cecil Rhodes believe built the great city of Zimbabwe?
(a) Native Africans.
(b) The ancient Phoenicians.
(c) The ancient Greeks.
(d) The ancient Atlanteans.

6. Who invites Philip to dinner once he's in Africa?
(a) Marius Van Doorn.
(b) Jason DeGroot.
(c) Frikkie Troxel.
(d) Martin Troxel.

7. What legal step does Mrs. Van Valck take concerning Petra?
(a) She files charges to initiate an investigation of Petra's race.
(b) She files a lawsuit against the school.
(c) She asks for a sample of Petra's DNA.
(d) She files a lawsuit against Petra's teacher.

8. What is Cecil Rhodes' dream in Chapter Nine?
(a) To defeat Dingane in battle.
(b) To find a large diamond.
(c) To find the biblical city of Ophir.
(d) To unite Africa under English rule.

9. What country does Detleef Van Door tour as an athlete, representing his country on the Springbok team?
(a) Australia.
(b) New Zealand.
(c) America.
(d) China.

10. What causes the loss of horses and oxen at the end of Chapter Eight as the Voortrekkers journey to Zimbabwe?
(a) A flash flood in which the animals drown.
(b) A Zulu attack on the Voortrekker camp.
(c) The tsetse fly.
(d) A lion attack.

11. Why are farmers living in squalor in the city when Detleef visits it in Chapter Twelve?
(a) The English burned their crops.
(b) The Zulus burned their crops.
(c) Drought has forced them off their land.
(d) Their crops were destroyed by insects.

12. Which of the following is not a law Detleef helps pass once he's in parliament?
(a) Laws removing voting rights from people of mixed race.
(b) Laws legalizing segregation of the races in South Africa.
(c) Laws against interracial marriages.
(d) Laws demanding military service for all men.

13. What is Frank Saltwood's relationship to Richard Saltwood?
(a) He's Richard's son.
(b) He's Richard's cousin.
(c) He's Richard's grandson.
(d) He's Richard's brother.

14. When a new teacher opens a school in Venloo in Chapter Eleven, who is sent there to get a formal education in English?
(a) Adriaan DeGroot.
(b) Maria Steyn.
(c) Johanna Van Doorn.
(d) Detlev Van Doorn.

15. Who do the authorities ask to testify against Daniel Nxumalo?
(a) Philip Saltwood.
(b) Frikkie Troxel.
(c) Marius Van Doorn.
(d) Sannie Van Doorn.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the Dutch Reform Church not sanction the Voortrekkers?

2. Which of the following is not a condition in the English concentration camps?

3. Which Van Doorns survive the war with England?

4. What mining company is interested in investigating the area in which Prinsloo finds his big diamond to see if it has potential for yielding more of the precious gems?

5. Who does Johanna Van Doorn marry?

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