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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Nxumalo leave his tribe, the Sixolobo?
(a) He has been rejected by a woman and has a broken heart.
(b) He has been disgraced in battle and his pride is wounded.
(c) He wants to see the great city of Zimbabwe.
(d) He fears he will be executed like his father.

2. At the beginning of Chapter One, what has caused the water of the lake to become brackish?
(a) Pollution by Dutch settlers.
(b) A gold vein underneath the lake.
(c) A drought.
(d) An overgrowth of algae.

3. How does Shaka become leader of the Zulus?
(a) He marries the Zulu queen.
(b) He proves he is a great warrior & is asked to lead the tribe.
(c) He is elected to the position.
(d) He seizes leadership of the tribe once the king dies.

4. How do Hilary and his wife die?
(a) They drown in a shipwreck.
(b) They burn in a fire.
(c) They are murdered.
(d) They die of cholera.

5. What Englishman documents Shaka's later years?
(a) Bill Turner.
(b) James Lochwood.
(c) Captain Nicholas Saltwood.
(d) Henry Francis Fynn.

6. What work does the Old Seeker tell Nxumalo he must do upon reaching Zimbabwe?
(a) Become a scribe.
(b) Build the wall around the city.
(c) Become a carpenter.
(d) Farm.

7. What is Dr. Nels Linnart's profession?
(a) He's a predikant.
(b) He's a scientist.
(c) He's a doctor.
(d) He's a teacher.

8. Who writes the book entitled "The Truth About South Africa", accusing the Dutch Boers of abusing and murdering the native Africans?
(a) Dr. Nels Linnart.
(b) Hilary Saltwood.
(c) Simon Keer.
(d) Lodevicus Van Doorn.

9. Which of the following wildlife is not seen at the lake at the beginning of Chapter One?
(a) Two female lions.
(b) A herd of zebra and a rhinoceros.
(c) A herd of eland.
(d) A grizzly bear.

10. Which Saltwood goes to India with the army in Chapter Six?
(a) Richard.
(b) Josiah.
(c) Peter.
(d) Nicholas.

11. Who asks Hilary Saltwood to serve as a character witness for him, and help him defend himself against the Black Circuit commision's charge of cruelty and murder?
(a) Lodevicus Van Doorn.
(b) Adriaan Van Doorn.
(c) Paulus DeGroot.
(d) Dr. Nels Linnart.

12. Why does Nxumalo decide not to return to his home village after seeing Zimbabwe?
(a) He has fallen in love with a woman from Zimbabwe.
(b) The journey back home would be too perilous.
(c) Zimbabwe is more exciting than his village.
(d) He can make more money in Zimbabwe.

13. What does Rebecca's father do for a living in Chaper Five?
(a) He's a physician.
(b) He's a predikant.
(c) He's a wine merchant.
(d) He's a politician.

14. Who are the first Trekboers to encounter members of the Xhosa tribe?
(a) Karel and Willem Van Doorn.
(b) Adriaan and Seena Van Doorn.
(c) Lodevicus and Rebecca Van Doorn.
(d) Adriaan Van Doorn and his slave friend Dikkop.

15. Who becomes governor of Java in Chapter Three?
(a) Karel Van Doorn.
(b) Willem Van Doorn.
(c) Jonathan Maxwell.
(d) Captain Nicholas Smallwood.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nxumalo tell the Old Seeker his people traded for the "heavy earth"?

2. How many members are in Gumsto's clan?

3. What does Hilary Saltwood name his church?

4. What nation establishes the United East India Company or Jan Company?

5. What do Adriaan and Seena Van Doorn help Dr. Nels Linnart collect?

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