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San - These people are a clan of desert dwellers under five feet tall, brown-skinned, and wrinkled looking.

Sofala - Sixty-seven porters bearing trade for the Arabians, who sail in from India and China, travel to this location.

Strandloopers - Translated as beach rangers, this term is given by the Dutch to the natives living off shell fish and anything they can steal from the sailors.

Hottentots - This term is given by the Dutch to the taller natives living inland at the Cape of Good Hope who raise sheep and cattle, and speak English well enough to handle trade issues with the fort.

Boers - These people are Dutch farmers who settle in Africa.

Trekboers - This term refers to a wandering grazier who moves slowly across untouched lands.

De Kraal - This location is a well-known property of wealth and prosperity.

Voortrekkers - This...

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