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Objective: The Covenant opens at a lake in South Africa. A rhinoceros, zebras, lions, a hippopotamus, and a herd of eland appear on stage before any humans do. The lake from which the animals obtain life-giving water is drying and turning brackish, threatening their survival. This lesson will discuss the opening paragraphs of The Covenant and their importance in foreshadowing. These pages foreshadow how the people in the novel will need to move to a new body of water. In addition the presence of numerous types of animals at the watering hole foreshadows the presence of many factions of humans, both European and native African, in South Africa. The opening scene also foreshadows that the people in the novel, like the animals, will fight for dominance and survival in the rugged African bush.

1. Class Discussion: What is the first living creature to appear onstage in The Covenant...

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