The Covenant Character Descriptions

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Detlev van Doorn (Detleef) - This character is a concentration camp survivor who earns a government position, introduces the law against interracial marriages, and becomes a driving force behind apartheid.

Frank Saltwood - This character is recruited from school in England to work in the diamond mines in Kimberley. The character travels to Zimbabwe and determines that the city was constructed not by Phoenicians, as originally thought, but by African natives.

General Paulus De Groot - This character is the leader of the Venloo commandos, fights in many engagements, and is well-known for determination, bravery, and strength of character.

Gumsto - At four feet ten inches tall, this character is the leader of a clan of twenty-five members and is an extraordinary tracker.

Kharu - This character is responsible for replenishing the poison that the clan uses to tip their arrows with, a poison strong enough...

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