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Chapter I, Prologue

• The San tribe of South Africa, led by Gumsto, must move because the small body of water they live beside is fouling and, without water, they will die.

• Gumsto's wife, Kharu, says the tribe can't leave yet because there are not enough ostrich eggs filled with water to sustain them on their journey, they have not had a successful hunt, and she does not have enough poison for their arrow tips.

• Slowly, Kharu manages to collect the eggs necessary and find the beetles that lead her to the ingredients for poison.

• When Gumsto finds game and the tribe is sated, the twenty-five member band leaves the next day.

• The tribe travels for so long that they nearly run out of water.

• Gumsto decides to enlist the help of lions in their hunt to ensure success.

• The San hunters drive a herd into the sleeping lions...

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