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1. What does Alfred now use the ping pong table for?

Now that he's retired, Alfred's turned his ping pong table into more of a desk then a hobby. On one side he keeps his correspondence in untidy piles, and on the other side he has a television that he watches during the evening.

2. What is Chip thinking about as he waits for his parents at the airport?

Chip watches his parents approaching him at the airport. He has just had his ear pierced and feels a little self-conscious, constantly fingering the stud in his ear. When a young woman passes his parents, his thoughts turn to having sex with her. He thinks that his parent's visit would be made more tolerable if he could have sex with her every minute.

3. Why does Alfred think the blacks will destroy America?

Alfred thinks the blacks will ruin America because they show no desire to co-exist with the whites. Instead, they take advantage of society, living off the government and showing no desire to either work or change their situation.

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