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St. Jude

This is the city where Enid and Alfred live in the Midwest.


This is the area of New York City where Chip Lambert lives.

Carparts Creek

This is the area in Connecticut where Chip's college is located


This is a major city on the eastern border of Pennsylvania across from New Jersey.

Chestnut Hill

This is a suburb of Philadelphia where Gary and Caroline live.

Gunnar Myrdal

This is the ship on which Enid and Alfred cruise to Canada.


This is a country in Europe where Denise goes to prepare her menu.


This is the largest country in Western Europe. Denise travels there to prepare her menu.


Denise and Brian spend ten days here preparing for the restaurant's opening.

The Generator

This is the high end Philadelphia restaurant where Denise works as an executive chef.


This is the capital of...

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