The Corps: Book 1 Semper Fi Short Essay - Answer Key

W. E. B. Griffin
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1. Why is McCoy trying to figure out if he needs a weapon to take with him to the Cathay Mansion?

There has been trouble between the United States and Italian Marines. He is waiting for his promotion to corporal to come through, and he does not want to have any trouble. He decides to carry a knife to the poker game at the Cathay Mansions Hotel.

2. What happens to McCoy as he leaves the Mansion after gambling?

McCoy wins $250 at the Cathay Mansion from gambling, and as he exits his rickshaw is attacked by four Italian Marines. He fights them off, killing two.

3. Describe how Banning meets McCoy initially to be his defense attorney and what Banning suggests to McCoy for his defense.

Captain Edward J. Banning is asked to be the defense counsel for McCoy. He does his background work and then goes to visit McCoy in the infirmary. He tells McCoy that he could plead guilty to a lesser charge than first degree murder. McCoy tells Banning that he acted in self-defense. He then asks if he can have his company commander as his defense counsel, and Banning says no. He gives McCoy twenty- four hours to think about the situation. He thinks McCoy will spend twenty to thirty years in prison if he ignores Banning's advice.

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