The Corps: Book 1 Semper Fi Character Descriptions

W. E. B. Griffin
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PFC Kenneth J. McCoy

This character is a "killer" Marine who is controversial, argumentative, and works in intelligence.

Captain Edward J. Banning

This character is a married staff Intelligence officer and Citadel graduate who is injured in the Japanese attack in the Philippines.

Lieutenant John Macklin

This character is an Intelligence officer in charge of the convoys from Shanghai to Peking and has problems with another Marine.

Ellen Feller

This character is married to a reverend, fools around a lot, and smuggles Chinese artifacts out of China.

Captain Edward Session

This character is a Marine Intelligence officer on a secret mission to China and is rescued from coolies by another Marine.

Malcolm Pickering

This character comes from a wealthy family, attends the Platoon Leader's Course, and is accepted into flight school

Master Gunnery Sergeant Jack Stecker

This character is a captain, has been in the Marines for 25 years...

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