The Corps: Book 1 Semper Fi Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

W. E. B. Griffin
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Chapter 1

• Ken McCoy, the Marine, is stationed in Shanghai, China. He likes to gamble.

• He carries a knife to the poker game at the Cathay Mansions Hotel.

• McCoy rides a rickshaw to the hotel.

• Other gamblers include Piotr Petrovich Muller, the hotel doorman, and Detective Sergeant Lester Chatworth.

• McCoy wins about two hundred fifty dollars and heads back to the billets.

• His rickshaw is attacked by four Italian Marines.

• He fights them off, killing two of them.

• Captain Edward J. Banning is asked to be the defense counsel for McCoy.

• He tells McCoy that he could plead guilty to a lesser charge than first degree murder.

• McCoy tells Banning that he acted in self-defense.

• Banning looks into McCoy's claim of self-defense.

• He goes to talk to Chatworth at police headquarters.

• McCoy is promoted during this time.

• Chatworth finds two Chinese witnesses to the attack on McCoy and brings...

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